Travel to the biggest country in South America.


The trip

We are working on developing a three to four day programme in Rio that would include visiting the important cultural and geographical sites such as the Christ the Redeemer statue and the Cidade de Samba.


Visit this link to read more about that: https://www.riodejaneiroaqui.com/carnaval/cidade-do-samba.html


January is the build-up to Carnival in Rio and the samba schools are busy preparing. Many welcome visitors to rehersal performances. We would also like the students to see a capoeira performance and perhaps have a lesson themselves. Another possibility is going to the Maracana to see a football match.
The areas of Copacabana and Ipanema where there are good, budget hostels are safe and well policed. We would aim to ensure the samba and capoeira perfomances are during the day and that the students are safe in the hostel after dinner in the evening.
Largely due to security issues we would only aim to be in Rio for three or four days. The rest of the time we plan to travel outside the city where safety is much less of a concern.

In particular we wish to take the students to Desenpenho – see link: https://www.desempenho.esp.br/index.php/pt/

The teacher in charge of the trip writes:
“My wife and I have been visiting Desenpenho for ten years and Ros has taken many students there from the British School of Rio. She was very fond of the man who established Desenpenho, Bjarke Rink. Bjarke was born in Copenhagen in 1940, but his family moved to Brazil when he was a child. Sadly he died a couple of years ago, but his wife Mara would be deligted to host a group of Danish students. Primarily and equestrian centre, it provides hostal style accomodation and good food in a beautiful environment. Horse riding would be an option, but would be beyond the basic trip budget and could be offered as an optional extra.”
What could be offered within the budget would be mountainbiking, hiking and organised visits to places of interest. Desenpenho is within the Mata Atlantica (Atlantic Forest), a region visited by Charles Darwin during his famous voyage. There is a forest reserve where students can “follow in Darwin’s footsteps” and learn about evolution and conservation.

See link for further information: https://www.facebook.com/pg/escoladesempenhoequitacao/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1068514356679908&__tn__=-UC-R

There is also the Reserva Ecológica do Guapiaçu, in internationally renowned birdwatching and wildlife sanctuary.
Students can also visit and banana and manioc (tapioca) plantation and see the manioc milled and carry out planting and conservation work in the area.
We have been in regular contact with Mara and a five day visit to Desenpenho should be manageable within the budget. However Brazil is not a particularly cheap country to visit and I would expect the trip budget to be at the top end, with the full 12000Kr plus the contribution from the school necessary.

Click here to watch a video from an earlier trip to Brazil.




Vilkår og økonomi

Egenbetaling på rejsen vil være ca. 11.500 kr.
+ evt. kollektiv “afbestillingsforsikring” 350,- kr. Visum er inkluderet.
Lommepenge anbefalet 1.000,- kr.