Culture Subjects

Travel to the biggest country in South America.

When visiting Brazil, we will explore various aspects of what the country has to offer, ranging from the bustling city of Rio to an equestrian farm on the outskirts of urban life, near the Atlantic Rainforest. 

During our class, we aim to delve into Brazilian customs and gain insights into the country's cultural foundations. The class will also familiarise itself with the United Nations' global goals, with a specific focus on goal number 15, considering that certain parts of the country are affected by deforestation. This environmental issue will also play a pivotal role in the cultural experience of the trip. We are scheduled to visit nature preserves and contribute to conservation efforts aimed at safeguarding the Atlantic Rainforest, which is home to numerous endangered species. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to shape their trip by conducting research and advocating for various activities during the journey. 

To outline the itinerary, the trip will encompass three distinct locations, beginning in Rio. During this phase, we will explore culturally significant sites and gain insights into the lives of urban Brazilians. Subsequently, we will transition to the countryside, where we will be accommodated at an equestrian farm. Here, we will learn horseback riding and engage in a campout in the mountains. Finally, we will proceed to Paraty, where we will delve into its cultural significance and partake in a collective boat ride through its picturesque lagoons. 



Mick Purkær Madsen


Terms and economy

Self-payment on the trip will be about 14.000 kr.
+ collective "cancellation insurance" 350,- kr. Visa included.
Pocket money: App. 1.000 DKK recommended