Why choose 10+ SKILLS?

10+ SKILLS: Immerse yourself in an optional subject area. 10+ students who choose SKILLS optional subjects will have the opportunity to pursue their interests in areas such as diving, sailing, gastronomy, eSports or outdoors. So it's a unique opportunity to build a schedule that's just right for you.

Cultivate your greatest interest and fill your schedule with diving, sailing, gastronomy, eSports or Outdoor. 10+ SKILLS electives fill 2 elective modules, so you can also choose one general elective alongside your SKILLS course - what's not to like?

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10+ SKILLS Outdoor

The subject "Outdoor" is for all who love to be active in nature, both on land and at sea.  Sat the subject is very practically oriented and can act as an active space in a professionally pressured everyday life. We'll be on an adventure out of the house pretty much every time.  

The focus will be on building real competences and inthrough a wide range of outdooractivities we will, with curiosity, immersion and sweat on the brow, strengthen your interest and knowledge in the opportunities.  

We work among others. with all imaginable water sports activities and you will be challenged with surfing in waves, Wakeboard, Windsurf, StandUpPaddleSurf kayak, Winter swimming, Underwater lobster hunting and Fishing.In addition, you will be certified in the following: Kayak IPP2 and Canoe IPP2.  

When the weather is not suitable for water sports, we do outdoor activities such as; Climbing, Mountain biking, Hiking, Bushcraft, sinking and cooking over a fire.  

10+ SKILLS Sailing

Do you dream of exploring the world and the big blue ocean? Can you see yourself on the deck of your own boat, or perhaps on the bridge of a large container ship on its way from China to Denmark? Then you should choose this 10+ course! Besides sailing and navigation, there are many skills a sailor needs to possess. For example, you need to know about world weather and ocean currents, boat construction and repairs, sails and sail repairs, motor skills, survival at sea, radio communications, seamanship and much more.

You will learn how to get out into the world, either on your own or other people's sailing boats, as well as what training opportunities there are in the maritime professions. You'll find out how many opportunities there are and that it doesn't have to be difficult. You will have the opportunity to take a proficiency test, as well as obtain a Vhf radio certificate (SRC). The subject should be driven by your desire for adventure, and we'll make sure you have a year full of sailing at Ranum Efterskole.

At Ranum Efterskole we have experienced sailing instructors who have sailed the world's oceans, and still do.


10+ SKILLS Gastronomy

Immerse yourself in the culinary arts and learn about the food cultures of many different countries.

Skills Gastronomy is first and foremost about making delicious dishes from around the world, but not only that. We focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Health and Well-being.

Students will learn different methods of cooking and how to assess which method is suitable for which food, so that the food is both healthy and tasty. Thus, we challenge and inspire students to cook in different ways based on Asian, European, Latin-Mediterranean principles, etc.

Once students have mastered all the basic principles of Asian cooking, there will also be opportunities for them to try their hand at making their own creative 'world' dishes.

Teachers at 10+ SKILLS Electives


Mick Johns

10+ SKILLS Sailing


Jesper Kofoed

10+ SKILLS Gastronomy

Line Meldgaard

Line Meldgaard Børjesson

10+ SKILLS eSports


Rune Ditlev Henriksen

10+ SKILLS Outdoor