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  • Dear reader, This year's activity days have started, where students can choose a new and different activity to participate in each day. Among other things, the students have had the opportunity to sail to Livø, ride Icelandic horses along the coast, add an artistic touch to ......

  • Dear reader, Joy, excitement and gratitude. That describes very well the time we are in right now. We can begin to glimpse the big graduation, which is now already a month away from us. But until then, we're making good use of the time, showing ......

  • Dear reader, This week has been filled with outdoor fun, where we have been engaged in activities a little out of the ordinary! We have made sure that all evenings have been busy with events, such as a big waterslide in the Seminary House, Garden Party with ice cream parlour in Ranumhus and ......

  • Dear reader, The weeks fly by at Ranum Efterskole College as the sun shines over Ranum and we feel the last month of the school year approaching. We enjoy every single day we have together at efterskolen and are counting down to our many upcoming celebrations, such as our 20th anniversary....

  • Dear reader, A short week has now passed at Ranum Efterskole College. Throughout the week, the students have tasted the feeling of excitement and nervousness as the written exams were around the corner. Of course, they also got a lot of breaks from these, where they could recharge their batteries for....

  • Dear reader, In Ranum, we have no doubt that the summer heat is back. Cosy evenings, fun moments and unforgettable moments are spreading between the students of efterskolen. You can hear joyful laughter and festive music in the distance as they play roundball in the sun and dance Les......

  • Dear reader, Can you feel it too? Sunglasses are put in your hair, jackets are left in the rooms and we enjoy the long evenings together on the lawns. It's the atmosphere of summer's welcome. We have utilised the sun's rays in Ranum, where the alpacas have taken their first walk......

  • Dear Reader, We are now officially back from the last Profile subject trips of the school year! Students and teachers are bringing the sun back to Ranum with their amazing stories of experiences gathered from all over the world. The students have hiked through the glacial landscapes of Iceland, searched for the Loch Ness monster......

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Ranum Efterskole is...

We are a modern and independent efterskole, where the school year and content are formed by students and staff in collaboration

We are continuously pushing ourselves towards new goals and challenges


It is important that students participate actively in our diverse community and we support students' academic goals and interests.


We have an international focus and travel 3 times to destinations around the world. We prepare our students to be citizens in a global society.

Levelled teaching

Classes are seperated based students' academic and personal skills. We have different levels in both our Danish and international programmes.

UN's 17 Development Goals

We work with the UN's 17 Development Goals and we use our travels to gather information about changes in the climate and environment.

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