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3 årlige rejser til mere end 50 destinationer

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  • Dear reader The 21-22 school year ended with a magical graduation party on the big stage in front of the main building. The students have now gone home with their families to all parts of Denmark and more than 20 countries. Graduation means sending away and here it is all too quiet, but......

  • Dear reader. This week has seen a flurry of oral exams, with Year 10 pupils in particular being tested in the main subjects of Danish, English and Maths. It has gone beyond expectations for most and we are very proud that the students have managed both......

  • Dear reader! We are super happy, grateful and full of experiences! We managed for the 3rd time to go on the big cultural profile trips and everyone is safely back in Ranum.This week the Danish oral exams are in full swing, while the international Cambridge......

  • Dear reader, The whole school is travelling this week. We have visited Nepal, Thailand, Bonaire, Costa Rica, New York, Washington DC, Turkey, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Panama, Amsterdam and Texas. There have been a lot of great moments and memories for......

Ranum Efterskole is...

We are a modern and independent efterskole, where the school year and content are formed by students and staff in collaboration

We are continuously pushing ourselves towards new goals and challenges


It is important that students participate actively in our diverse community and we support students' academic goals and interests.


We have an international focus and travel 3 times to destinations around the world. We prepare our students to be citizens in a global society.

Levelled teaching

Classes are seperated based students' academic and personal skills. We have different levels in both our Danish and international programmes.

UN's 17 Development Goals

We work with the UN's 17 Development Goals and we use our travels to gather information about changes in the climate and environment.

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