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3 årlige rejser til mere end 50 destinationer

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  • Dear Reader, Already on Thursday night the first team of students left for Europe, when Board Performance travelled to Olbia in Italien. Here the team will skate, windsurf and explore the beautiful city - maybe there will be time and spare time for some SUP boarding too.......

  • Dear Reader, We just can't catch our breath after the wild week we've had here at Ranum. We have burned off powder on the go-kart tracks, had our pulse up to the Afterschools' Day and broken a Danish record......

  • Dear Reader, Nerves are starting to fray, expectations are high, and we are SO ready - Afterschool Day is coming! Sunday is the day, and students and staff alike are gearing up to once again give a fantastic......

  • Dear Reader, Welcome to another newsletter from Ranum Efterskole. This week we have had an extra focus on the fact that we are an international efterskole. This can easily be overlooked in everyday life where we do not value our multicultural environment enough. Therefore we held......

Ranum Efterskole is...

We are a modern and independent efterskole, where the school year and content are formed by students and staff in collaboration

We are continuously pushing ourselves towards new goals and challenges


It is important that students participate actively in our diverse community and we support students' academic goals and interests.


We have an international focus and travel 3 times to destinations around the world. We prepare our students to be citizens in a global society.

Levelled teaching

Classes are seperated based students' academic and personal skills. We have different levels in both our Danish and international programmes.

UN's 17 Development Goals

We work with the UN's 17 Development Goals and we use our travels to gather information about changes in the climate and environment.

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