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  • Dear Reader, The big build-up to Imagination Day finally came to fruition on 2 December, with the sale of the finest creative crafts and sweet treats at the Christmas market, as well as a fantastic "Global Factor" performance in front of the students' excited families and friends. While students at the school worked together to prepare for the event......

  • Dear Reader, Welcome to this week's newsletter. Creative minds, great teamwork skills and infectious smiles have been at work since last weekend! And of course, they have been since the start of the school year! But this week you can read about our activities for the ......

  • Dear Reader, When you open up this week's newsletter, Ranum Efterskole College is filled with both younger and older versions of our students. The traditional Siblings' Weekend is something our students have been looking forward to. They have been given the opportunity to invite a sister......

  • Dear reader, Ranum's Christmas spirit has visited efterskolen and left Christmas spirit among the students and long strings of lights in the ceilings. In addition, one of our cool students has won a short story competition, TEBO has started bridge building with carpenters and mechanics, and money is being raised......

  • This article is written by our student Filippa Arent Warming, after her trip to Egypt with the profile subject trip Diving to Egypt. Contribution to our PVA competition (Photo, Video & Article-competition). 35 degrees and a high UV is nothing to complain about. This is the opinion of the diving students from Ranum Efterskole......

  • Dear Reader, The students at Ranum Efterskole College can now be recognised as the most competitive efterskole students - if we had to say so ourselves. Competitions have been organised and participated in at the highest level, both within the school's own framework and around the world......

  • Dear Reader, Pale ghosts, chirping bats and scary pumpkin lanterns have taken over every corner of Ranum Efterskole College. Halloween has been celebrated from one end of the school to the other with spooky costumes for the first student party of the year and delicious cakes and cream puffs that are almost impossible to......

  • Dear Reader, We are now back from a series of unforgettable professional trips, as well as from a week of relaxing autumn holidays. We are ready to start everyday life again, and over the past week we have already pulled a lot of "scary" 1TP5Life out of our sleeves - the corridors......

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Ranum Efterskole is...

We are a modern and independent efterskole, where the school year and content are formed by students and staff in collaboration

We are continuously pushing ourselves towards new goals and challenges


It is important that students participate actively in our diverse community and we support students' academic goals and interests.


We have an international focus and travel 3 times to destinations around the world. We prepare our students to be citizens in a global society.

Levelled teaching

Classes are seperated based students' academic and personal skills. We have different levels in both our Danish and international programmes.

UN's 17 Development Goals

We work with the UN's 17 Development Goals and we use our travels to gather information about changes in the climate and environment.

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