Thematic Business Bridging and OSO

Ranum Efterskole College has developed a new bridge-building project in collaboration with UU-Center Vesthimmerland and a number of youth education institutions. The students have to choose between different worlds or industries in their bridge-building, where the different secondary schools work together to give the student a realistic experience of the path to a particular industry.

Experiences from the bridge-building course are included in the students' Compulsory Independent Assignment (OSO), which is written after the course.

Read more about the different worlds below and watch the whole process by clicking on this link. The TEBO course is selected before 7 June on the School Plan. You choose by logging into the School Plan under Studies->Questionnaire->Thematic Vocational Bridging and OSO.

You choose by logging in school curriculum under Surveys->Questionnaire->Thematic Business Bridging and OSO.

At the Parent Talks on 17 November, we invite parents who work in the different worlds to give presentations about their education and experiences.

IBO presentation
the blue world

Maritime professions and safety. Shipmaster, pilot, diver, shipowner, marine biologist, engineer, naval, fishing etc.

In collaboration with: HF Søfart, Martec, Himmerlands Erhvervs- og Gymnasieuddannelser. Internship visit to maritime company.

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The blue world

At MARTEC we train for the maritime world and you will experience a number of things that you encounter in this "blue world".

You will experience practical seamanship, where you will learn to tie various knots, a proud tradition in the maritime world, which is also used on our school ship "DANMARK".

Security is also an issue that permeates everything we do in this world. That's why, among other things, you'll also be taking a trip in a survival suit and a dip in the pool, or soup, as we also call the sea. J

In addition, we also test your ability to communicate, because this is also an important discipline in all Maritime professions. All this takes place in our School House, where you will stay overnight and be part of the afternoon and evening activities, just like our Maritime Students (formerly HF Maritime) students are.

the little world

Business, media and administration. Shop, service assistant, salesman, entrepreneur, manager, lawyer, accountant, shipping etc.

In collaboration with: HHX (Marketing and Management), HHX (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), HHX (Languages), HF, EUD. Internships in service and administration companies.

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The little world

The purple world is the world of commerce and economics. You will be introduced to topics, activities and training aimed at jobs in sales and service, economics, accounting and finance, but also entrepreneurship and management.

The course will take you through all aspects of the commercial field, from shop assistant to stockbroker, and you will have to deal with both the practical and professional aspects of retailing, for example, and the more theoretical aspects of financial management and business administration.

the music-creative world

Art, music and drama. Musician, actor, graphic designer, animator, artist, writer, make-up artist, hairdresser and decorator.

In collaboration with: Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium (music). Internship visits to theatre and creative companies.

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The musical-creative world

The world of music and creativity is all-embracing and can be approached from many different angles.

The course offers, among other things, an intensive jump into the world of animation film, where the focus is on dramaturgy and narrative culture, as well as foley with mood and action sounds.

Both music and media production are covered, but the course also gives a taste of how some professions, such as hairdressing and decorating, rely on both craftsmanship and creative hands.

the white world

Health, people and welfare. SOSU assistant, nurse, doctor, teacher educator, psychologist, physiotherapist etc.

In collaboration with: STX, HF, HTX, SOSU, internships in hospitals/clinics.

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The White World

The white world is about health, people and welfare. Through practical exercises, we will explore how the body works and develops, why we get sick and what can be done when there is a malfunction in the human organism.

Is the body just a machine that can be repaired when it is broken or does it also require therapy and care? Can we program humans as robots or does it require more advanced technologies to develop the brain and mind? Whether you are interested in healing the body as a doctor, nurse or physiotherapist, want to work as a pharmacist in drug manufacturing or would rather focus on human development and the psyche as a teacher, educator or psychologist, this course will give you an insight into how to work in the different branches of health sciences and in the welfare and education sectors.

platinum high tech world

Science, technology and Creator. Engineer, programmer, architect, pilot, environment, carpenter, plumber, bricklayer, electrician, mechanic.

In collaboration with: EUX (automation and process), EUX/EUD (mechanic), STX/HF (robotics and mathematics), HTX (computer science and gaming), HTX (industrial design). Internship visits to manufacturing and engineering companies.

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Platinium - high tech world

Platinium is the world of technology. The course explores how technologies are used in a wide range of work processes from crafts and agriculture to engineering and research, and how technologies are constructed by, for example, the blacksmith or the software developer.

The course has a practical and a theoretical side, and you will be taught by both skilled craftsmen and secondary school teachers. The course is aimed at jobs in a very wide range of industries, but with an overarching focus on the role of technology.


Innovation, sustainability, mission. Idea maker, entrepreneur, sustainability challenges, UN 17 SDGs, IBO award.

In collaboration with: Different educational institutions depending on what your assignment is about. Internship visits to relevant companies.

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IBO guides you around the implementation of innovative projects.

The programme is based on three things: your desire to create an innovative world, a company that wants to innovate and a global society based on the 17 SDGs.

You, a company and an educational institution will work together to lead you through some innovative pathways. The programmes will give you the tools to develop and propose innovative solutions that can be implemented in practice in a company. You will see in practice if your ideas can be used. You will gain insight into which training programmes are right for you.

Your project will be presented at a national IBO Award this spring.

Read more if you feel like reading more about the IBO.

the green world

Nature and food. Animal keeper, farmer, dairy farmer, veterinarian, dairyman, butcher, gastronomer, biologist, food technician

In collaboration with: STX/HF (Ecology/genetics/bioscience), Agricultural school, EUD (Gastronomist/food assistant). Internship visits to agricultural and food businesses.

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The green world

The green world is about the environment, agriculture and food, and how these different interests can be reconciled.

Nature is under pressure and the climate is in crisis, while more and better food must be produced for a growing world population. Society is focusing on animal welfare, ecology and great taste, while consumers are demanding cheap food. How can this be?

Do you want to help solve some of these issues in the future? Then find out how a farmer, biologist or veterinarian works with or researches living organisms - either in the wild or in production and animal husbandry.

You can learn how to produce and process food as a butcher, chef, dairy worker or food technician and how sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue in the various sectors.

the international world

Politics, media and trade. Lawyer, correspondent, journalist, politician, diplomat, etc.

In collaboration with: HHX (international), STX (political and journalistic "games"). Internship visit at IB Viborg (2 days).

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The international world

The international world deals with issues on a global scale. What binds us together as people across national borders, and what challenges do national interests and cultural differences pose for cooperation on the big issues? The course covers topics in cultural understanding and language, politics and international economics, and is aimed at jobs as correspondents, lawyers and journalists, but also at jobs in diplomacy and the like in international organisations such as the UN and the WTO.

Mandatory Careers Project. Only non-Danish and English speaking students.

In this project the students explore potential careers which they might be interested in pursuing in the future. With guidance from mentors. School visit at a Danish International IB school.