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The academic subjects build the foundation for your continued learning throughout your life. We strive to renew and modernize the learning processes, within the frames of the formal requirements of the danish 9th and 10th grade, to make sure you can achieve your personal learning goals.


The efterskole offers unique possibilities to work with flexible schedules, project oriented and cross-curricular courses. We have just as big ambitions when it comes to the curricular activities as we have with Imagination and Nature Sports and all the other common activities.


Pedagogical we focus on integrating several different forms of intelligence when it comes to living together, school and activities. Nature sports and Imagination offer the opportunity for developing inter- and intrapersonal skills, physical skills and communication skills. The aim is to strengthen the personal development by trying and developing different forms of learning in a practical community.


Levelled teaching


Ranum After School is an academic efterskole with a high academic level. We value the academic goals just as much as the experiential goals. We divide the teams in the 9th and 10th grade into different levels.


In our opinion it does not make senseto distinguish between development and education. Therefore, it is our goal to provide the students with various different skills - social, nature sports and sports, intellectual, communicative and emotional. When education and development go hand in hand, the students achieve success and get the desire to develop, both personally and academically, as well as taking responsibility for one self and for the community.


You must also set professional goals!


The requirements for visiting the efterskole ist that you have passed the 9th or the 8th grade of the danish folkeskole (or a similar level abroad). You do not need to have previous experiences with nature sports or sports in general. The group oriented teaching is handled by highly qualified teachers and in the nature only you or the group place the limitation for the challenge.


In the 9th grade you must choose between German and French. Students in the 10th grade can choose between German/French and Physics/Chemistry. Culture, history, christianity and social studies are part of WORLD CITIZENSHIP.

The classes vary between class teaching, independent studying, group work, project work, presentations and joint lessons. Furthermore we offer "club-lessons" in your spare time in one of the 2-4 clubs. These lessons will take place monday to thursday 19-21.00


The tests have high priority.
It is important that each student receives the best possible exam in all subjects, both in the oral and written disciplines. We offer the 9th grade and 10th grade exam of the danish folkeskole.


The well-being for the individual and for the community is the most important part of the development tree. Thus the social learning that happens at the efterskole might be the most important skill you will learn during your stay at the efterskole.


Social learning, in brief, means that through being together, working together and interacting with others, we learn more about ourself and develop a wide range of concrete and essential, social competences.


Ranum Efterskole offers different types of accommodation.
We have room for more than 450 students in 4 houses. These houses have single rooms, double rooms and apartments for up to 6 students.


The different types of accommodation are targeted at students with different development needs and we take into account that not everyone is the same with the same needs. Maybe you find yourself in a personal development where you sometimes feel the need to just be alone or maybe you have the need to share your thoughts with a roommate. Or you might feel more comfortable in a small apartment that you share with others.

No matter which type of accommodation you choose, you will actively take part in the daily duties at school, such as cleaning, cooking and clean-up. If you haven't already learned this at home, you will definitely learn it here !


We do not have separate floors for boys and girls, but rather a natural community with room for everyone. The meals, "hygge" in the rooms and the time you spend together during the profile subjects will offer you the opportunity to make new, lasting friendships!


Sport and activities

In Ranum town we have access to a wide range of sports and athletic facilities. The new "Multikulturhus" contains 3 halls for all kinds of sports and activities, e.g. tumbling, dance, hockey, football, volley, basket, handball and so on.


The center also contains a new fitness center that can be used at a price of DKK 120,- per month.
In Rønbjerg, we rent the new swimming pool and at the same time we can use their water park and wellness center.



Within an area of 5 x 5 km, the school offers:

  • Nature Sports Center and Gear Bank
  • Swimming pool in Rønbjerg
  • Multikulturhus with sports hall and athletic facilities
  • Fitness center
  • Football fields
  • Center field and athletic facilities
  • Solariums in Ranum and Rønbjerg
  • Mountainbikes in Rønbjerg and Uhrehøje
  • Climbing tower and wall in Rønbjerg and Uhrehøje
  • Golf in Løgstør, Gatten, Års etc.
  • Maritime base in Rønbjerg with modern sailing boats, yawls, sea kayaks, Rib- boats, diving and surf.
  • Tennis- and squash courts in Rønbjerg
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Fitness and Wellness Center in Rønbjerg
  • Creative art workshop
  • Music room: Choir and rhythmic ensemble
  • Library with internetcafé
  • Computer stations with free internet access in common rooms
    Billiards, table tennis, darts and student cafe...
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