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An experience for life

Join our Summer Camps and have the best summer of your life with young people from all over the world. You will have an amazing and eventful sommer and you will experience personal and academic development.


Participants will have the choice of International Summer School for 1 to 4 weeks or one of several specialised camps for 1 to 2 weeks: Cheerleading, Creative, Adventure, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Dance, Crossfitters and eSports.

How does COVID-19 affect me or the programme?

Summer Camps

Ranum International Sommerskole

International Summer School

27th June - 24th July: 2, 3 or 4 weeks

Choose between exciting subjects and activities such as Sailing, Dance, Gastronomy, Music and Design. Football, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Team-building exercises, eSports. Meet new friends from all over the world.

Scuba Diving Camp

Scuba Diving Camp

27th June - 10th July: 2 weeks

If you dream of exploring and getting to know the sea, then choose our Scuba Diving Camp. You get a PADI certificate, experiences with restoring and preserving corals and of course a lot of diving.

Sailing Camp

Sailing Camp

27th June - 10th July: 1 or 2 weeks

The sea is calling. Can you see yourself sailing towards the sunset with new friends, learning to navigate, steer a boat and set sail in brand new Aira 22 boats? Then Sailing Camp is for you.

Creative Camp

Creative Camp

27th June - 10th July: 2 weeks

If you are full of creative energy and need a place to fire it up, then the chance is here now! Art projects, paintings, sculptures and drawings - you will learn about it all at the creative camp.

Cheerleading Camp

Cheerleading Camp

11th July - 17th July: 1 week

Cheerleading is much more than dancing and windmills. That, you will learn here from Danish and international coaches for both beginners and experienced. We push the boundaries and become a strong group!

Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp

27th June - 10th July: 1 or 2 weeks

If you do not already have nature very close to you, you will during this camp. We sleep out under the starry sky, build shelters and bonfires, find food in nature and learn to survive on our own.

Dance Camp

Dance Camp

27th June - 3rd July: 1 week

Do you love dance and movement? Join the Dance Camp and try different dance forms, learn new choreographies and make a lot of new friends who also love to dance - we will have an amazing time.


Crossfitters Camp

27th June - 3rd July: 1 week

Crossfit has become wildly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Crossfitters Camp basically mixes the best of two worlds: powerlifting and cardio. At the same time, you experience that the strongest community arises when we become strong together.


eSports Camp

27th June - 3rd July: 1 week

We have authentic and newly updated eSports rooms with computers from 2020, super strong graphics cards that can handle everything we throw at them. Lots of gaming, tournaments, all night LAN, professional coaches and community.

An abundance of opportunities


The campus area reaches more than 20.400m2 with 4 houses. All facilities are available during Summer Camps. In the video you will get a guided tour.

  • 1 Assembly hall with 475 seats.
  • 4 Science rooms
  • 1 Cinema with 60 seats
  • 2 Music rooms
  • 2 Design rooms
  • 1 Skateboard workshop

  • 1 Design room
  • 1 Media workshop
  • 1 Elektronisk musik “Beatlab”
  • 1 eSports room
  • 1 Gastronomy room
  • 3 Gyms

  • 1 Sports hall with boulder wall
  • 1 Sports Center with 3 halls
  • 1 Nature Sports Center
  • 1 Wakeboard track
  • Common room with cozy activities

The Multihal

is located in the middle of the school grounds, and here we play handball, football, volleyball,
we practice yoga, zumba, cheerleading, airtrack, gymnastics and much more.
In addition, there is a large climbing wall, which students also have access to under
under capable guidance.

Common rooms

e.g. Media room, E-music, eSport, cinema and wood workshop.
Outside you can do skating, longboarding,
roller skis, play basketball
and hockey, do parkour or simply relax by a campfire.

Vilsted Lake

Vilsted Lake is every outdoor students big dream. We have direct access to the lake
and the area is used for kayaking, canoeing, SUP, adventure, MTB,
running and horseback riding.


is our maritime base and the harbour is home to sailing students
and our 10 sailboats. Here is one of the Nordic region's largest activity centers,
Landal Resort, where we use the swimming pool for diving and swimming
and the wakeboard track for SUP and wakeboard.

Questions? We're here to answer!

Subjects and activities for everyone

The Summer School gives you both community, academic challenges and experiences. Learning thrives when you are taught in subjects, you choose yourself, together with others that are also interested in learning.

In the academic subjects you will meet young people from all over the world with different cultures, in an international environment.

You will experience social development and be more open to others. You will grow as an independent human being and get new friends while improving your English, because the teaching and communication is in English.

Everyone has the opportunity to build their own schedule - depending on their interests. You might notice that you learn a lot in the profile subjects, because it strengthens your ability to learn new things and think creatively. This experience is valuable for you when you move to the next chapter in your education. You can choose a new profile subject every week.

The programmes and schedules are preliminary, and we might change them due to wind, weather changes and wishes from the students - there is a lot of opportunities.

Choose your programme


So, you want to join our Summer Camps? Great! There is a lot to look forward to.


You can choose between 2, 3 or 4 weeks of Summer Camp. The basic schedule are same in all programmes, and you will choose your weekly activity subjects and academic courses.

All programmes include accommodation in rooms of 2 - 4 students, 3 meals and refreshments each day, bed linen rental and towels, academic courses, trips, a personal mentor and a Ranum package with a t-shirt, sweatshirt and backpack.


Registration and payment


Registration and payment is due 4 weeks prior to the Summer School begin via our webshop. Click "APPLY" to navigate to the webshop. Here, you will find the different programmes. Choose your programme that are relevant to you.


When you are finished, go to the shopping cart. You will be asked to write your social security number in the commentary box. Also, tell us here if you wish to arrange an activity, workshop or similar for the other participants.


After that, you will receive a receipt, saying that you are now enrolled at a Summer Camp. Four weeks before you start, you will receive more information about arrival, accommodation etc. In this mail you will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire with you subjects.

Apply today and have an unforgettable summer