Fees and calculation of support


It is an investment into the rest of your life to be at an efterskole
An afterschool year at Ranum Efterskole College is 43 weeks. The price per week in 2020-21 is DKK 2,600, which is paid in 10 instalments. The state provides funding for the efterskole year if you are a Danish citizen or have a connection to Denmark. State support depends on household income two years before the student starts and on the number of siblings. The school helps you fill in application forms for student support.

Furthermore, cf. our core values, we have decided to give the students the opportunity to follow their interests and dreams with the profile subjects. Therefore the sum of the self-payment varies depending on whether the destination is London, USA or perhaps even Nepal. See examples of prices under the profile trips.


Individual additional support

Parents and students have the opportunity to seek individual and additional support for both accommodation and self-payment on profile travels. The application form can be obtained from the office. We can also help to apply for special funds through the Efterskole Association.


Ranum Efterskole College follow guidelines from the Efterskole Association

(Only relevant for Danish citizens or citizens with Danish ties) Here you can also calculate tuition fees – what you have to pay after deducting the student support provided by the Danish Government.
Fees and student support are calculated on weekly basis. If you wish to calculate fees for the full year, you must therefore time the result with number of school weeks.


Payment is paid in 10 installments: July, Aug.,Sep.,Oct.,Nov.,Jan.,Feb.,Mar.,Apr.,May.


Calculate tuition fees here


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