Summer Camps

International Summer Camp

Price and length:

1 week: 07 July - 13 July 5955 kr.

2 weeks: 07 July - 20 July 9910 kr.

2 weeks: 21 July - 3 August 9910 kr.

3 weeks: 07 July - 27 July 13865 kr.

4 weeks: 07 July - 03 August 17820 kr.

5 weeks: 07 July - 08 August 23775 kr.

Age: 14-17

Camp leaders: Tine Valois

Subjects, choose 1 from each module: 

Module 1: Choose between English as Second Language, Danish as Second Language
Module 2: Choose between Science, Social Science, Political Science, Philosophy, Business Studies, Sustainability Goals, Marketing and Social media

Profile subjects: Sailing, Gastronomy, Music, Dance, Design and Crafts, Soccer, Fitness, Outdoor, Water Sports, World Cooking and Event

Camp activities: Ball games, creative activities, team building, bonfires, field trips, karaoke and much more

At the International Summer School you choose between many different and exciting subjects and activities, and get a minimum of 1 week filled with exciting activities and professional development.

You choose both academic subjects and profile subjects, which means you set the learning framework for your summer school.

Experience the boardingschool environment together with other young people in an international environment. Experience the fun, develop your skills and have a summer full of experiences!

The profile subjects can be, for example, sailing, outdoors or gastronomy, and are all packed with exciting content. The activities on the profile teams reflect the chosen profile subject, and all of them have in common that all levels are welcome.

The academic subjects provide book skills that will be reflected in the practical.

Click to read more about the subjects:

In addition, we have a number of camp activities where we amongst others play football, go kayaking, mountain biking, have team building exercises and a lot more.

We go on excursions to lakes, forests and the Limfjord, and we visit museums, major cities and other attractions in the local area.

Note: The Copenhagen tour is subject to changes in programme and activities