IGCSE at Ranum Efterskole College

Ranum Efterskole College offers Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). The programme is built with the vision that the students must develop into responsible, committed, innovative and self-confident young adults. These four principles are the foundation of being able to get by in the international world.

We offer a wide range of subjects within Cambridge IGCSE which are combined according to interests and skills.

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Exams and certification


IGCSE exams, marked from A* to G, in all subjects. A* is awarded for the excellent performance. All grades higher than F means passing the exam, but in order to study e.g. Advanced Levels or IB it is commonly expected that the student has a minimum of 5 C's. Should students wish to study advanced levels in one or more subjects, Ranum Efterskole College would advise students to achieve at least B grades in the exams.


IGCSE is comparable to the english GCSE, but with an international perspective.


Cambridge IGCSE is the worlds most popular international education programme for students aged 14-16. It is internationally recognised - both universities and companies all over the world consider this education a solid foundation for progress and success.

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