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Choose which year you want to start. Next, we need to know something about you before we can start your registration. So find a cup of something delicious, because you should expect it to take about 10 minutes.

If problems arise along the way do not hesitate to call us at +45 96 66 44 00

Ranum Bubble for Stranded UWC students


The hard facts first…

At this point in time there are practically zero funds available to help finance students at the Bubble. We hope to change this through various fundraising initiatives, but for now, if you cannot pay for yourself, your chances of joining the Bubble are low.

But where there is a will there is a way. Get creative! Make your own fundraiser, talk to your National Committee, and ask your College if it can help.

You can do it! Remember what Kurt Hahn said: “There is more in you than you think!”

Practical information for new students

Book a guided tour for you and your family and experience life at the school