School Association

Become a member of the Ranum Efterskole school association

We are a free and independent efterskole, with no strings to a specific political or religious foundation.
We are based on the core values, described in the legislation, These are the basis for Ranum Efterskole College.


If you can support this and are loyally interested in sharing knowledge of Ranum Efterskole College, the we would like to encourage you to join the Ranum Efterskole School Association.


Our values put the individual at the center of his or her own life and in respect for the large community. The values point out how important it is that we as individuals understand how to develop as a human being in a global world - with the responsibility for the development of others as well as our own. And that we learn to set goals for ourselves and make the choices that can lead us to reach those goal. That we experience that there is a meaning to everythinbg we do and that we can contribute to a good life for those around us.
At REC we take this focus on core values very serious and have given the students and the employees the opportunity to take part in forming the content of the efterskole year, to the degree where everyone can suggest new profile subjects and be part of setting new goals in the everyday life.


2-3 times a year, we conduct a democratic election process, so that each persons ideas and goals are put into play in the big community. We also form concrete communities of practice with specific goals and interests. In this way we ensure that we are a contemporary school that keeps on developing in a dialogical collaboration with the students and with each others as colleagues, school board and school association.


Contact principal Olav Storm to become a member of the school association. Tel. 96 66 44 00.


The membership costs DKK 50,- per year and is charged after the board's approval of the membership. Paid on REG 9070 and KONTONR 1880096431 or Mobile Pay on 15327. REMEMBER to state your name when making the payment.

Are you looking for the annual report, audit report and agenda for the general meeting on 14 May 23? Click here here.

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