Profile course P1, summer school

We train yacht racing, tour sailing and make sailing expeditions to the Mediterranean; Turkey, Greece and Croatia among others. During this profile subject the students will learn to navigate and have the possibility to acquire a certificate of competence so they have proof of their skills.


We start sailing in Denmark where the temperature is ideal, and we end with an expedition to Croatia where experienced skippers will introduce the students to long-distance cruising as well as croatian history and culture. We will visit Krka national park and Dalmatias finest islands and cities, if the weather allows this. Sailing in the fall focuses on both practical sailing in the 6 school boats, theory of navigation, safety and cooperation on board, as well as planning a sailing expedition.

Practical seamanship: trimming of sails, navigation by compass, GPS navigation, knots, harbour- and anchoring manoeuvres etc. Students will be prepared for the practical test, to get their certificate of competence, after the trip and will receive the opportunity to do the theoretical part of the certificate in the winter period, so they can acquire a full certificate of competence. An important element of sailing is the cooperation and communication between the crew and therefore we will work on putting crews together with people, who complement each other well.

Link to the school's "Søsikkerhedspolitik" (Danish) for sailing with students.


Boats in our fleet

  • 6 Stor Trisser
  • 1 Matcher 37
  • 4 Aira 22
  • 2 speed boats


The trip

1st period: We will be travelling to Croatia. In this period we are ready to get in the water from the beginning.
3rd period: Here, we will be travelling to Greece. This period will begin with theoretical lessons and we won't actually get in the water until the trip itself.


Read the "Boat Magazine" (Danish) article on maritime students at Ranum Efterskole



Andreas Latz


Mick Johns



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Terms: Sailing at Ranum takes place based on the following safety instructions. Since the weather and water temperatures can be tricky this time of the year, it is important to wear waterproof and warm clothing (ideally sailing clothing, hat and a fleece jacket) as well as waterproof footwear (wellington boots) and sailing gloves (can be purchased from the school for 100,- DKK.) All students must complete a swim test cf. our safety instructions.

Self-payment 1st period: Approx. 4.000 DKK 

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