Icelandic riding

Profile subject P1, Profile subject P3

Horses, nature sport and Imagination is a fantastic combination. On horseback you experience the nature up close while at the same time reaching far and wide. Horseback riding is just as much a sport for the body as it is a sport for the soul.

Icelandic horseriding

Icelandic riding will take place in small groups where there is time for all riders, both beginners and experienced riders. The daily profile lessons will include practice in basic riding, trips in the terrain and care and handling of the horses. Half of the lessons will consist of riding in the beautiful nature in collaboration with the riding centres in Fårup and Blokhus, while the other half of the time will be spent on immersion, training and planning the preceding profile course trip. Excursions to Krogbækgaard on Læsø will also be included in the planning of the profile course.

The trip

The profile trip is planned after new students' day, when we have a clue of the students' interests and skills.

In the 1st period (p1) we head to Iceland.


Mette Rødbro

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Self-payment 1st period: 8.500 DKK