Profilfaget Konditori offers lots of cakes, desserts, good food, smiles and laughter.

In the profile subject Pastry, students have the opportunity to experience what life is like as a pastry chef and baker, and through shared experiences the team becomes closer. Confectionery is teamwork above all else, and the journey helps to reinforce this. Students are taught in bakeries and pastry shops on the profile trip, where students have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of pastry and baking. This combination contributes to, unforgettable experiences, but also the personal formation and development of the students.


Pastry contains many different elements. So when we have to work with shortcrust pastry, yeast dough, sugar decorations, marzipan roses, and fruit tarts, we are lucky to have Jan Rind, who is a specialist in the different areas. On the profile trip we visit well-known and less well-known pastry shops in Copenhagen.


Confectionery at Ranum Efterskole College is a social subject where students help each other to achieve delicious results, where there is room for all levels. The classes are designed to give students the opportunity to work with their own creativity, break boundaries and form part of a committed community.
It's the desire that drives the work, and we will do what we can to show students the joy of baking and expand their opportunities and skills in this area.


Classes will include activities where students are taught different techniques, and lots of variety. Through this, students will develop knowledge of ingredients, products and their own creativity.


The Profilfags trip goes to Copenhagen:

Pastry travels for 1 period to Copenhagen. Here we visit several bakeries and pastry shops and restaurants, which last year won the American Championships. We participate in baking and we taste a lot of different products.


During the various visits we will learn new methods of cake decorating, get creative ideas and above all expand our 'taste horizons'. In addition, we will explore Copenhagen. We have previously been on walking tours around the city, seeing some of the most famous brands. In addition, we have a 'Gala evening' where we dine at one of Copenhagen's most famous restaurants.


Go to our Facebook page: Konditori - Ranum, here are pictures and videos from our training and travel.




Tine Valois
English IGSCE, Business studies, Global perspectives and Confectionery.


Jan Rind Jensen
Husalf in Ranumhus, baker and pastry teacher.