Profile course P1, summer school

In cooperation with the school's own cooks and guest teachers we work with exciting ingredients and conjure up dishes that will challenge your taste buds and challenge you mentally. We work without recipes and will taste our way into the culinary universe.

Gastronomy is the theory and art of eating and drinking good food and drinks. Gastronomy requires knowledge about and insight into the capabilities, quality and accessibility of ingredients.

In cooperation with our chef, deputy chef and confectioner, we will explore the world of gastronomy in a broad spectrum. We will not only be cooking food but also acquire basic knowledge about the food.

We will work with different themes throughout the period and experience different things outside the school.

Gastronomy is also much more than fine dining. It is also about tight and binding friendships where hard work and teamwork is necessary to achieve the best result in cooking and food design. This means that noone is finished before the entire team is finished, which can also result in some days being longer than others.

We will be working with as well as without recipes and in the beginning we will discuss what you would like to work with. We will be attempting to broaden your horizon to make sure that you will not only be cooking pancakes, meatballs, waffles and patty shells.


The trip

First travel period: This trip goes to Copenhagen which in recent years has become a leading city in the gastronomical world. We will plan our trip together but we will have to experience some of the following:


  • Restaurants
  • Confectioneries
  • Streetfood
  • The "Torvehallerne"
  • The Meat City
  • Hotels


We are based on Amager where we will be living in a hostel which is going to be our starting point each morning. Quite a lot of walking is to be expected during the trip. The last day will end with a visit to one of the top restaurants in Copenhagen, but exactly which one is a surprise.

Third travel period: This trip goes to a destination in Europe where we will get new culinary experiences.



Jesper Kofoed
Jacob Vangaa


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Permission: We would like to ask for your permission to have a wine tasting with the students, which the teachers will be in charge of. Apart from this wine tasting, it is of course not allowed to consume alcohol during the trip. Please send us a written permission via e-mail, if your child is allowed to take part in the wine tasting.
Self-payment 1st period: Approx. 1 DKK

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