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In collaboration with the school's own chefs and guest teachers, we work with exciting ingredients and conjure up dishes that challenge your taste buds and your mind. We work both with and without recipes and taste our way into the culinary universe.

Gastronomy is the study and art of eating and drinking well. Among other things, gastronomy requires knowledge and insight into the properties, quality and availability of ingredients. At REC, we prioritise the quality of our ingredients and not least the preparation of these ingredients. We aim for a top-shelf dining experience with a focus on local ingredients, sustainability and the ingredients at their (very) best - in season.

In collaboration with the kitchen's chefs, nutrition assistants and bakers, we explore the world of gastronomy in a broad spectrum. Not only do we need to cook, we also need to have a basic knowledge of food.

We cook with inspiration from around the world. It's important to us that our students get to know the food cultures of other countries, as the meal experiences are a central focal point when we travel the world three times a year.

We will work with different themes - kitchen hygiene, quality of ingredients, preparation methods, seasonal ingredients, sensory - during the period, and we will also go out and experience things outside the school.

Gastronomy is also much more than fine dining. It is also about tight and binding friendships where hard work and teamwork is necessary to achieve the best result in cooking and food design. This means that noone is finished before the entire team is finished, which can also result in some days being longer than others.

The trip

First travelling period: Here's where we head to our local area - NORDJYLLAND. North Jutland is among the absolute leaders on the gastronomic world map and offers a wide range of the best ingredients. We plan the trip together with the students, but we will experience some of the following:

  • Origin of raw materials
  • Sensory - we need to taste, smell, listen and feel
  • Restaurant visits
  • Collect herbs and mushrooms in the surrounding forests
  • Visit to Dansk Salt in Mariager
  • Honey school
  • Clam/spiny lobster cooking school
  • Visit to an apple orchard
  • Farm visits
  • Confectioneries
  • Streetfood

We are based in Northern Jutland, in the area around Ranum Efterskole College, where we stay at the school and hostel. It's to be expected that we'll be doing a lot of walking during these days. The last day will end with a visit to one of the lovely restaurants in the area, which one we won't reveal just yet.


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Permission: We would like to ask for your permission to have a wine tasting with the students, which the teachers will be in charge of. Apart from this wine tasting, it is of course not allowed to consume alcohol during the trip. Please send us a written permission via e-mail, if your child is allowed to take part in the wine tasting.
Self-payment 1st period: 0 kr if we stay in Denmark - 3500-4000 kr if we go to Crete.