Visual Design

Profile course P1, summer school

The profile subject Visual Design is part of our Imagination profile and aims to challlenge and expand the students' creative abilities, cultural knowledge and aesthetic sense.

In Visual Design we will mainly work in a project-orientated way either alone, in groups or as a whole class. Visual Design is a space for imagination and dreams, where students have the opportunity to work with different materials in both two and three dimensions. They will be introduced to different techniques, methods and tools to produce their own unique expressions. Several creative processes can be used, such as sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics, printing on clothes, etc. See video links and examples on the website under Profile subjects/design.

The trip

The destination will be an exciting place somewhere in Europe.



Tjalla Elsborg

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Terms: No special conditions. You must, however, have an interest in being creative and in being open towards other peoples' ideas and projects.
Self-payment 1st period:  Price is not fixed yet (Previous price was about £2,500 London)