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Would you like to work with graphic design of posters, business cards, logos, brochures, banners, websites, badges ...? Are you passionate about capturing after-school life through interviews and photo-reportage? Make your own video productions or have the opportunity to realise your very own project? Then the profile subject Media is a good choice for you.

We are located in the "media room" in the basement of the Imagination corridor, where we work in our cosy workshop. It is updated with 12 workstations and we also have a large format printer for posters and banners. You are welcome to bring your own computer for classroom use, but our new iMac's handle rendering videos and large graphic productions in InDesign just fine. What you don't need to bring is a camera, gimbal, drone, microphones, lights, tripods and so on - we've got all that and it's ready to go. If you want to get to know your own camera better, we can help you with that too.

It is a tradition for us to participate in the beginning of printing our profile magazine, as well as make excursions where we will get a look behind "the big screen". Lastly, we will take part in solving creative tasks for the school's events.

Swing by our YouTube channel and you can see a lot of the video productions we've made in Media.

The trip

The media course builds up to a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, Edinburgh is a charming capital city with cosy streets and fascinating history from a design & media perspective. We will aim to be within walking distance of the Old Town. We'll walk the Royal Mile and visit the two castles, one at each end. In addition, the city offers numerous opportunities for experiences that we will take advantage of. Other activities could be location visits (Edinburgh and the surrounding area is often used for the production of films and series), photo safari with a professional photographer in the beautiful surroundings of Edinburgh and your ideas!

There will also be the opportunity to experience Scotland's unique nature around the city. We will try to organise a day trip out of the city to Iverness and Loch Ness if possible.



Nigel Hopwood

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Students who choose Media must have an interest in working independently and together with others towards a common goal, e.g. a product that will be presented. Extra hours and tasks can occur in order to finish the product - all members of the media team have access to the media room in their free time.
Co-payment: approx. 4000 kr.