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Get better at the games you already play through knowledge of the underlying elements of gaming.

At Ranum, we want to help change the perspective and perception of gaming and esports as a whole. This means that we work with everything we love about gaming, such as communication, teamwork, tactics, immersion, development and physical expression.

What can you expect if you choose gaming at Ranum?

The goal of gaming at Ranum Efterskole College is for the whole team to develop from the starting point. That we improve individually and as team players. We work individually to improve things like coordination and reaction time, which can then be put into action when we play as a team.

The training will be a mix of physical training, gaming, knowledge about e.g. communication or roles on the team. We might also watch a documentary about Astralis' road to the top or how to warm up as an elite athlete before getting started.

We mainly play games where we work together as a team - this could be CSGO or LoL, for example. However, there can sometimes be room for free play where we play whatever other games we want, but this is not very often.

If the mood strikes, it may be possible to participate in the efterskole League within CSGO or LoL - but this is done with the current team.

We want students who participate in the gaming profile course to be interested in gaming in general, but also in how to get better at not only games, but also everything you need to do before you start playing.

The trip

The journey goes to either Berlin or London.

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Line Meldgaard Børjesson

Maria Nielsen


Terms: Students in eSports should be interested in competitive gaming and ready to learn about team spirit and good gaming spirit.
Self-payment: app. 2.500,- DKK.