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Improve your skills in the games you are already playing through coaching, physical training and focus on cooperation.

eSport is something that mostly happens in the basement or the garage and only overweight boys who do not care about their school and have no contact to the outside world, play games. Or maybe this is just one of the many taboos or problems we face as eSports practitioners. A lot of people have this belief. But nowadays this is slowly changing - Astralis has been an integral part of getting more focus on the sport in Denmark.

We would also like to be part of changing the perception of eSports. This is why we developed eSports as a profile subject where we will focus on all the things we love about gaming. Unity, tactics, immersion, development, releasing aggressions. Experience it right here with us!


What is eSport at Ranum?

eSport at Ranum means competition at a high level against other schools. The games will primarily be Counter-Strike Global Offensive, or CSGO in short, LOL, PUBG. We do however evolve with time and play the games that the students are interested in.

We are located in the basement in the old boiler room beneath the Seminariehuset. Here we have decorated the room to give it soul and an odour of sweat and a bit of chips. There are plenty of books in the room - as decorations on the wall.


The goal with eSport at Ranum is to make sure the entire team develops compared to the starting point and that everyone gets better, both individually and as a team player. You will learn to make a plan and stick to it. But you will also learn to make a new plan on the go, in case everything is a mess. Everyone will try different roles. Who is the best teamleader? Who is the best sniper? Who is the best strategist? If everything looks bleak, a giant leap in the development is all the more likely.


Our gamer PCs have the following specs

  • Intel Core i5 10600
  • Fast NVME disc of 512 GB.
  • Nvidia RTX 2070 Super
  • 32 GB DDR4 3600 RAM


Facts about eSport at Ranum

  • We focus on what a healthy diet and proper sleep does to the body and thereby our gaming skills, our concentration and our endurance.
  • We will learn the importance of sitting properly and changing position once in a while. We will learn some different exercises which will help us improve our gameplay.
  • CSGO only is only partially true. We will also establish LOL or Hearthstone teams or whatever game is currently in. CSGO is however the only game that is mandatory.
  • We have about 16 identical computers, equipped with the latest generation i5 core, 16GB RAM, 75hz monitors and GTX 1060. 256GB SSD. Bring your own mouse and keyboard. We do, however, have some you can lend.
  • Messi? Ronaldo? What should your fans call you? Have you thought of a name yourself? Or are you going to use your last name? Your nickname is what makes you unique. In case you don't have one yet, we will find one for you together.
  • Personal development? You will receive tips on how you get over a loss, how you handle stress, how you can make your teammates better and how you can improve your own gameplay.
  • Our wish is to play against other efterskoler as opposed to other random teams. We can visit each other for friendlies but above all we will play against them online. There will be tournaments, friendlies and lots of training. We need a minimum of 10 CSGO players in order to practice against each other.
  • After ending eSport at Ranum Efterskole College you will have played against most efterskoler in Denmark, all the way from the best to the worst.


The trip

We would like to offer eSport as a whole-year profile subject with no actual trip. Instead we will make small excursions to LAN parties in Denmark or Sweden/Germany.


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Line Meldgaard Børjesson

Responsible for eSport - Equipment, games and development.

Rasmus Badstue



Terms: Students in eSports should be interested in competitive gaming and ready to learn about team spirit and good gaming spirit.
Self-payment: Price is not fixed yet (Previous price was about 2.500,- kr.)