Golf at Ranum Efterskole College: Explore your passion!

Do you love golf? Do you dream of improving your game and meeting other young people with the same passion?

Ranum Efterskole College offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of golf.

What do we offer?

    • And intensive golf programme with a focus on technology, strategy and mental focus.
    • Training by experienced golf coaches from the Nike Golf Academy.
    • Access to modern training facilities, including driving range, putting green and indoor golf simulator.
    • Play time on different golf courses in the local neighbourhood.
    • Opportunity to participate in tournaments and championships.
    • A community with other young golf enthusiasts.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we have a programme, that suits your level. We offer:

    • Beginner's lessons: Learn the basic techniques and rules of golf.
    • Advanced training: Develop your skills and hone your strategy.
    • Mental training: Strengthen your mental resilience and learn to handle pressure on the pitch.

        Ranum Efterskole College is a great place to start or develop your passion for golf and have an unforgettable efterskole experience.

        Come and join us!


        Jan Rind Jensen