Full Host

Ranum Full Host Package is our package deal for international students, who do not have any ties to- or relations in Denmark. This package includes basically everything the student may need during a year away from his/her home country and be a comfort for parents to know that their child is well cared for during their absence.

School tuition for the academic year 2020/21 at Ranum Efterskole College is 43 weeks x 2575 DKK = 110,725 DKK and includes boarding, meals, tuition, school clothing + backpack. Long weekends and holidays are not included.

The additional costs for international students for the full host package is 65,000 DKK for the academic year and includes:

  • International mentor.
  • Visa: assistance in relation to the ST1 application process and payment of Case Order Id Fee (currently 2110 DKK) *.
  • Health insurance: assistance in relation to applying for the Danish National Health Insurance.
  • Costs and arrangements related to transfers and local transport: in relation to travels between the school and the home during the academic year.
  • Bicycle: rental of personal bicycle and helmet for the whole academic year.
  • International book package: learners enrolled in the IGCSE or AS programmes must purchase our book package that covers syllabuses in all subjects. This book package has a total value of 1750¬†DKK.
  • Exam fees and certificates: including for subjects such as Diving and Sailing.
  • Bed linen and towels: changed every 2 weeks.
  • 3 profile/culture travels: primarily in Europe and countries where travels do not exceed a total of 12,000 DKK per year for the 3 travels – granted that learners may achieve Visa.
  • 1 Autumn holiday package: may include Host family visit or excursion.
  • 1 Christmas holiday package: may include Host family visit or excursion.
  • Long weekend packages (Thursday-Sunday/Friday-Monday): may include Host family visit.

An academic year at Ranum Efterskole College including full boarding and the Host package is 175,725 DKK. Parents are responsible for flight ticket to- and from Denmark, Registration fee 2000 DKK and travel- and Liability insurance. The Danish National Health Insurance and the School’s Business Insurance cover all enrolled learners.

*Please note that Case Order Id Fee/Visa is not to be confused with ‚ÄėHandling Fee‚Äô – a fee charged at the Danish Embassy when processing the ST1 application.

Contact the international office for more information: international@ranumefterskole.dk or via telephone +45 96 66 44 06. For generel administration contact: info@ranumefterskole.dk or +45 96 66 44 00

Host Families and Holidays

The school will be closed during national holidays and a few long weekends. International learners under the Full Host Package are quaranteed hosting by the school or be offered a Danish host family during their stay at Ranum Efterskole College. The host family will be a ‘reserve’ family for those learners that may not be able to- or wish to make the journey home during a weekend or a holiday, but who still want a retreat from school to relax and/or experience Danish culture and traditions. For international learners who have chosen not to add the Full Host Package, it will be a requirement that the familiy/parents have made arrangements on their own for a Danish Contact or Host family for closed long weekends and holidays.

Important documents (This also applies for Danish Expat students)

Registration of Residence in Denmark

International at REC info booklet