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It has been a short week due to the upcoming Easter holiday, but we have gotten a lot out of it despite it. The profile subject period has ended, and it was the one with two days where the students were on trips, completed and tested their new skills in the various profile subjects.

Spring is slowly rolling in over us, and with it it brings joy and hopes for the time we face. You can only be happy about that, and hopefully you will also be happy to read this week's news here from Ranum.

Dear reader It has been a long week to get through, but now we are finally there where we can say we are reopening. The news came already on Wednesday, and it ...

Dear reader You are tuned in to this week's news from Ranum, which is brought here in the newsletter on this somewhat choppy (but still sunny) Friday. It's been 9 weeks since the students have ...

Dear reader We've made it through another week of online community and activities. We still miss each other and our afterschool community, but we are making the most of the opportunities...