Ski trip, Prague and a slightly different Afterschool Evening

We have just returned from Sweden and Prague. The large group of students and teachers spent a week in the Swedish mountains skiing and snowboarding. The other group of students visited Prague and had guided tours that went to the State Opera, Theresienstadt, Gestapo prison, Museum of Communism, Jazz club and a local school. There they had the opportunity to make friendships with the Czech students and exchange cultural gifts and add each other on social media, to follow each other's everyday life.


A week has passed and 540 people in a combination of students and teachers have had a great experience in the Swedish mountains. For some it was their first time skiing, while others have tried it a number of times before. Therefore, the students have been divided into some different levels. Beginner, intermediate, high, as well as expert level. This has helped the student to get the best possible learning and experience. Maybe next time we should add cross-country skiing?

Our kitchen team just made 540 packed lunches for the ski team. In freezing temperatures in Sweden.


Prague has been an eventful journey for our 50 students. We have been on some guided city tours, spending the first evening at the State Opera, where we saw Hansel and Gretel by Grimms. On the 2nd day, we visited Theresensienstadt, and the historic prison of the Gestapo, which was in use during WWII. The rest of the tour included the Museum of Communism, Jazz club and a school visit to a local school where we had brought Faxe Kondi and liquorice pips for the Czech students. It made a good impression on both us and the Czech students, and we quickly fell into conversation with them and exchanged the various social media we have, so we can be in touch with them in the future, now that we have landed on Danish soil again.

Efterskole evening

It was a slightly different After School Evening, as the whole school was away. However, we managed to get volunteer tour guides in the form of our former pupils, who made it all the way to UG, and they received a lot of praise from the parents and pupils who came to see the school.

Say hello to the new faces at school

At the beginning of this week, we welcomed our 2 new interns at Ranum from UCN - Marketing Economics, who will be working in our Marketing Department for 3 months. Please welcome:

Thank you so much for reading, see you next Friday!

Have a great weekend,

Ranum Efterskole College