We're back: full host, travel preparations and new faces!

Dear Reader,

We're back. A Happy New Year from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College, who have all entered the New Year with 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Another year has started here at the school and it's buzzing with excitement. "I wonder why." you may think. We're going on a trip this weekend. We are going to strengthen the community between the students and to cultivate "togetherness". The majority of the school (540 people) are going skiing, while a smaller group is going to Prague for a cultural tour.

All this, and more, in this week's newsletter.

Full Host celebrated Christmas and New Year

Our Full Host students spent Christmas in Sweden. Skiing was on the menu and the students had a great time on the slopes.

Then it was New Year's Eve at Skallerup Klit Ferie Center

Prelude to the trips

As a prelude to the weekend's travels, the students spent the weekend in an assembly, dealing with all the practical aspects of their travels. Both travel teams are now ready to depart this weekend and for the community that awaits them in Sweden and Prague respectively. As the final preparation, the 10th grade students were thrown into a series of activities on Thursday. The choice was between a run, a walk or a good game of dodgeball in the hall.

Here are photos from the walk, which saw over 100 students and a lovely spell of sunshine.

Say hello to the new faces at school

At the beginning of the week, we welcomed a bunch of new faces here at the school, and you shouldn't be deprived of a little insight! Welcome to:


Rike is not a completely new face, as she has previously been a guest teacher for the surf team when they have stopped by Klitmøller. She will be teaching surf, German and is affiliated with the European Road Trip. 


Fried'l is a volunteer through AFS, and is from Belgium. She is a qualified teacher and has several years of experience teaching primary school.


Mette seems to be a very familiar face, and has previously taught at the school. She will be teaching Danish and Psychology, and is also on as a student support. 


Halfdan has worked at the school on several occasions, and has now once again visited Ranum. He'll be teaching music, substitute teaching and possibly a good bunch of science. 

Visit to the Blue Planet

We visited the Blue Planet to donate some large corals we have grown in our Coral Lab many of them had grown so large that no one else had room for them. There was also a moray eel over a metre long that needed more space. And very appropriately Thomas and Sebastian from the Blue Planet had just been talking about how they were missing from one of the exhibits. So if you drop by, the zebra striped one is from Ranum. It all ended up filling 9 large hot boxes. We had 54 students with us who work with the corals at the school on a daily basis. They took the opportunity to receive tuition from the school service and then a tour behind the scenes.

Efterskole evening

On Wednesday 11 January you can come to the open house at Ranum Efterskole, when we hold the Afterschool Evening. As all the students are on tour, we have recruited some experienced students to showcase the school.

The programme for the After School Evening at the REC is:

⏰ 18:00: Check-in

⏰ 18:10 & 19:30: Presentation about Ranum Efterskole College

⏰18:00 - 19:30: Dinner (Mexican buffet)

⏰ 19:30 - 21:00: Coffee & refreshments

⏰ 18:10 - 21:00: Students show around

⏰ 18:10 - 21:00: Infocafé on summer camps, courses, travel and finances

Shall we? Then don't forget to sign up at the link: https://ranumefterskolecollege.youngcrm.com/eventportal/9250 - then we are sure that there is enough food for everyone 😊

See you on the slopes!

Dear all,

We will now have a short weekend before we jump on various buses, planes and ferries. Remember to follow us on our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for updates on the journey. If you are a parent/sibling/grandparent or other family member, you can also follow the Facebook group "Ranum Efterskole College 22-23", where there will be updates from the individual ski teams. These updates will then be shared on our Facebook page.

Next week's newsletter will be full of photos from the two trips, so there's plenty to look forward to!

You are all wished a very nice weekend,

Best regards from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College