Highlight of the month, Christmas elves on a mission and the last phase of the cultural elections

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As we write this, Christmas music is playing quietly over the loudspeakers. Christmas elves have been at play and Headmaster Olav's office has possibly never looked better. This year's Christmas tree has gone up in the tower here in the Seminary building, and that can only mean one thing: Christmas has come to Ranum.

This week the school has gone through its final phase of the cultural subject selection, and with it this year's students have chosen their final cultural subject priorities. Head of Education Matthew Danaher today revealed that a total of 470 students (out of 506) have been able to get their 1st priority. It's absolutely insane, and it has to be said that Matt has put together quite a puzzle.

The week is full of news just waiting to be mentioned, so dear reader;

Welcome to this week's newsletter.

Visit from Læsø Efterskole

Last Friday the people behind Læsø Efterskole visited Ranum. Læsø is a new efterskole in the making, and like REC has Nature Sports and Imagination as the core of the school. Therefore the visit was natural, and was the beginning of sparring and cooperation between the efterskoles. In addition, the school got a tour here at REC, and good talk with headmaster Olav Storm.

Viewing at 100 corridors

On Wednesday at 13:30, the school held an opening ceremony when the Art&Design class showed their paintings for the first time. The event brought together large parts of the school, who could enjoy both the art, and an inaugural speech from educational leader Peter. In addition, the Gastronomy Skills student team had prepared treats for the event, which were of course accompanied by a round of bubbly.

We thank Art&Design, for once again enriching the school with truly amazing art! This will henceforth be on display in the Education Corridor 100 of the Seminary Building.

Christmas elves on a mission

The weekend was all about Christmas, and the headmaster's office really felt it. Four cunning Christmas elves were at play, and they were the four students Lykke, Victoria, Alma and Johanne. Whether they were tricksters or cute Christmas girls is up to you, the readers, to decide:

4 clever Christmas elves

Christmas spirit is guaranteed for everyone who stops by Olav's office.

Culture Subject Choice

This week we have once again invited Patricio, an IG student from Mexico, to visit us. We've had the pleasure of Patricio in this newsletter before, and this is actually the 3rd time he's stopped by. This time, he is visiting us to give his view on the cultural studies process, which this week went through its 3rd and final phase. So most students now know which cultural studies journey they are going on. Patricio has chosen Bali as his 1st priority, and like 469 other students at the school, has got his 1st priority - great! He additionally chose Turkey and Thailand Sailing, as his respective 2nd and 3rd priorities.

When asked why he chose Bali, Patricio could answer:

I have never gone to Bali before, and I am very excited. I think it is something very different from anything that I have experienced in Mexico and Denmark. Something actually very different from anywhere else in the world. I am mostly looking forward to learning about the culture, and seeing the landscapes in Bali. I think we are jumping from clifes, and I am very much looking forward to the adrenalin from it. And of course, also the food" - the last is of course said by Patricio with a huge smile on his face.

"What are your thoughts on the cultural studies process itself here at Ranum?" we ask him afterwards.

"I think that it is super nice, that the school has this type of trips, that I would not go on with my family from home. I think that the democratic process of choosing the subject is great, because then people get to learn about democracy, and go to places they actually want."

"What do you think about the composition of students in the teams?"

"It is a good way to get to know new people, other than the ones you usually hang out with here at the school. If we vote for the same place, then we probably have a similar reason to go. We have something in common, and that is a great way to get to know new people"

So there is broad support for the election process here at the school from the students. On Thursday, all parents received a link to confirm their cultural choice, and a payment link for the 1st instalment. This is with the exception of sailing, which will be sent within a week. The deadline for payment of the 1st instalment is Wednesday 23rd. Due to the high airfares, all first instalment payments will be of 7.500 DKK (except for Europe Roadtrip), so air tickets can be booked as soon as possible.

Watch an orientation video on Cultural Studies and Travel, right here:

Feature of the month

Here at our little Ranum editorial office we have decided to introduce a new monthly feature, called "Highlight of the month". It aims to showcase an individual, a group or a section of staff that deserves a little extra attention. This month we are highlighting the kitchen.

The kitchen is under the capable leadership of Chef Jesper and Sous Chef Jacob, and currently has 13 people, covering chefs, kitchen assistants, students and nutrition assistants.

A trip to the kitchen guarantees smiles, a good atmosphere, a snack or two and a nice chat. The kitchen deserves the spotlight as they manage to serve healthy, varied and exciting food for up to 600 people at a time every day. In addition to the meals themselves, the kitchen is a big part of the students' stay, as they take turns being part of the kitchen team for a week, helping out at weekends and taking part in gastronomy classes.

We are therefore super proud to bring all of you out there the kitchen, as November's highlight.

Parent talks

On Thursday we had a wonderful and diverse visit here at the school when we held parent talks. It was an evening full of good talks, smiles and good food, and brought all parents a little closer to their pupil's everyday life here at school.

The evening also included a presentation from headmaster Olav Storm, about the cultural studies process at the school. If you were not present, this will be available on our website as soon as possible. In addition, on Sunday evening there will be a Q&A session via Teams, where parents can ask follow-up questions that may have arisen over the weekend.

Siblings Weekend

December is approaching, and that doesn't just mean Christmas cheer and vanilla cookies, it also means one of the biggest weekends of the year is approaching: the Siblings Weekend. A weekend that is the essence of cosiness, togetherness and caring. The invitation to our sibling weekend is here;

For all you parents who have not yet registered your little ones, you can do so until 25-11-2022 12:00. The questionnaire can be found on the School Plan, under Surveys - Questionnaire.

Thanks for this time

Once again, we thank all of you who have stopped by Planet Ranum.

Greetings all of us at,

Ranum Efterskole College