Holland school exchange

Holland school exchange


The trip will involve an exchange with Haarlemmermeerlyceum in Amsterdam, REC will host a class of Dutch students in March and send Danish students during the P3 profil subject.


This trip aims to create long lasting connections between students from EU member countries. The wider aim is to create a European network focused on the importance of working together in the face of present and upcoming social/environmental issues effecting all countries. We would like to help students understand the importance of the decisions they make and also the consequences that they entail. We hope to broaden perspectives and open up future possibilities for all participants.


Classes will focus on what it means to be responsible, not only for one’s self but also with a wider perspective on how to build a brighter and more sustainable future. We will look into changes that can be made both personally and as a whole to improve the lives of others and our own.


Forslag til program

Programme in the Netherlands

Day 1. Welcome

  • Welcome by mentor/teamleader/coordinator  
  • Baking traditional Dutch cookies, making tiles with Dutch sayings, printing sweatshirts.
  • Teambuilding / activity: Klimpark 21: Outdoor climbing activity

Day 2. Amsterdam

  • Chat in classroom to discuss with own teachers any difficulties?
  • Bus to Amsterdam
  • Visit Rijksmuseum. Using Rijks Snapguide students visit the museum independently
  • Free time for students to walk through Amsterdam.
  • This is Holland experience  https://www.thisisholland.com/nl/home/

Day 3. Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen

  • Chat in classroom to discuss with own teachers any difficulties?
  • Bus to Zuiderzee museum https://www.zuiderzeemuseum.nl/

Day 4. Day in Haarlem

  • Start in classroom to discuss with own teachers any difficulties?
  • Cycle with partners through the tulip fields to Haarlem. In groups enjoy a scavenger hunt through Haarlem.
  • Evening barbecue with parents at school.

Day 5. Day of departure

  • No classes.
  • Goodbye programme, depending on the weather outside/inside picknick.





Vilkår og egenbetaling

Vilkår: Alle elever er forsikret ifht. farlig sport op til 500.000,- kr. ved skader, som ikke er dækket
af skolens erhvervsforsikring. Se også skolens sikkerhedsinstrukser for kajak/vand aktivitet. Det må forventes, at der vil være behov for godt udstyr: Rygsæk, støvler, skaljakke, sovepose mv. Du er meget velkommen til selv at medbringe mountainbike.

Egenbetaling: ???






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