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Choose the profile subject wakeboard, if you are crazy about water and would like to challenge yourself as well as have a ton of fun hours in the water.

Everyone can take part, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced wakeboarder. You will have ample opportunity to challenge yourself and have fun with your friends.

What are we doing?

We have great conditions for wakeboarding close to the school. We have a 2.0 system in the lake at Rønbjerg Holiday Centre. With a 2.0 system, there can only be one person on the water at a time, but you're picked up as soon as you fall, which gives you the best opportunities to develop faster than on a full-size course. Furthermore, the speed is determined by the teacher controlling the cable, which means we can take it at exactly the pace we want. On Thursdays we go out on the full-size cable in Thisted, where more people can get on at a time, and you can hone the tricks you've practised in Rønbjerg.

We are going to prioritise wakeboarding as much as possible, bu in case of thunder or too much wind, we might possibly use the swimming pool in Rønbjerg, watch a wakeboarding movie or do joint strength/balance training.

The trip

The goal of the trip is to experience a different culture - feel the differences and get to know the nature and surroundings of the destination.
It is exciting to travel and you learn a lot by trying your strength in new conditions.
Oftentimes the destination offers better conditions and at the same time, we will get closer to each other as a group and get to know each other better.

The trip will also be a goal for the group so we have something to work towards. During the trip, we will live and eat as they do in the place in question.


Thea Thingstrup Mathieu

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Terms:It is important that you like water, are able to swim (before we begin, you must pass a swim test here at the school) and that you have the courage to get your boundaries turned upside down.
Self-payment:  5500 kr.