Guide & Event

The Guide and Event profile is for you who are creative, enterprising and want to give others some great experiences. The students themselves are largely responsible for creating this course, where (almost) anything can be done! There is a particular focus on innovation and collaboration, which also gives students an obvious entry point to becoming a guide or youth leader in an association.



Event - Students will plan and execute an event, such as a concert, harvest festival, field trip, etc. Together we will develop a lot of great events at and outside the school. We'll look at idea development, planning, finance, marketing and everything it takes to host a great event.

Guide - we organise our trip together and prepare the students for the tasks of a tour leader. In addition, we will organise guided tours in the area and get to know the travel industry and the different types of guides - ski guides, camping guides, charter guides etc. In the course we will work closely together with other profile subjects, e.g. gastronomy, media, design and performance subjects. Upon successful completion of the profile course, you will receive a course certificate which you can use when applying for a job as a guide or other professions in the service industry. If you dream of making a difference to others and working with young people in a creative environment, then you should be part of Ranum Efterskole's Guide and Event!


Guide & Event

In the course "guide and event" we prepare students for jobs as tour guides or event coordinators.


  • Planing a larger event
  • Responsibility
  • Coordinating
  • Contacts
  • Presentation and dissemination

Fire soul

  • Longer running project
  • Economy
  • Responsibility
  • Coordinating
  • Presentation and dissemination


  • Planning a trip
  • Introduction to the field

Big projects

  • Event - e.g. carnival, fair, open house, excursion, harvest festival etc.

The lessons

  • Rhetorics
  • Planning A-Z
  • Budget
  • Communication - written and oral
  • Contacts - search and collaboration (maintaining contacts).
  • Idebase - how to use what you learn in the future
  • Guide course
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Interdisciplinarity - media, gastronomy, dance, performance
  • Following course certificate



Mathilde B. Johansen



Terms: Curiosity, initiative and the desire to create and organise something for others - and yourself!
Self-payment App. 2.000,- DKK.