Padel Tennis

Profile subject P1, Profile subject P3

Padel Tennis

The sport of canoeing is growing rapidly and is now also a profile subject at Ranum on the initiative of students who took it in the spring of 2014, when they travelled to Malaga with the subject. The course focuses on both the theoretical and practical elements of the sport, as well as training with a partner and with external guest coaches. The Padel course can easily be combined with cultural encounters and community, so it is expected that the students are interested in using the sport as a door opener for meeting other young people, making new friendships etc, in addition to playing padel.

It would be an advantage if the student has their own padel racket, otherwise the school will provide a racket when playing. In addition to the bat, the student must have the necessary sportswear and suitable indoor shoes.

New local collaboration with large Padel centre

Padel training takes place at Himmerlands Golf and Country Club's new Padel Centre with beautiful courses.We train twice a week and the other lessons are strength and running training at the school and cultural lessons to prepare us for the visit to Malaga.

The trip

Journey times:

Departure 6 October

Return journey 10/11. October


The trip goes to Malaga, Spain, where the sport of Padel originated. We'll be staying in a central location and training at a local Padel centre.We have agreed on the following training and playing times in advance, but extra arrangements can be made if we get a collaboration with local young Padel players.

We'll also be seeing the local area and getting a taste of the culture, so it's not just paddle blades and sportswear you need to bring.


We will be staying at Myramar Hotel

3-star hotel incl. half-board.

Hotel Myramar is a 30-minute drive from the airport and a 15-minute walk from the beach.The hotel has access to a pool area.

We play padel for a minimum of 2 hours every day, where we'll have skilled Spanish coaches for part of the time. We'll also do other things in the local area, where there are plenty of opportunities for excursions with cultural content. One of the days we'll go to Malaga, where we'll visit the Picasso Museum and the medieval fortress Alcazaba.


There is only room for 24 students on the Profile course, as there is limited capacity on the profile trip and at the large Padel Centre in Himmerland.



Terms: .
Self-payment: 4000 kr.