Photo safari

Profile subject P3

A new proposal that combines the interest in photography, shooting with different cameras and going on a "safari" in a big city and the countryside.

We work with photography techniques and get to know the equipment so well that we can focus on the theme, subject and story of the image.

We work with the theory behind photography, subjects and tricks. And we help organise the 3rd photo competition.

We want guest lecturers who are super
good at photography and we would like to visit a photographer.

It's ideal that you have your own SLR camera or a great camera in your smartphone, but the school also has
different cameras that can be used.

We'll work with large format prints, digital renderings and maybe even try our hand at developing images in the darkroom.

The profile programme concludes with a permanent exhibition at Ranum Efterskole College where all students can have the opportunity to have their best work exhibited.

The trip

The photo safari is travelling to Scotland's capital Edinburgh with Myths & Legends. Edinburgh is a charming capital city with cosy streets and fascinating history with lots of exciting subjects for photo art. Where possible, we will try to organise one or two day trips out of the city to Iverness and Loch Ness and other locations.



Nigel Hopwood

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Students on a photo safari should be interested in working independently and collaboratively towards a common goal, such as a product to showcase. Extra hours and tasks may be required to complete the product - the photo safari team has the option to use the media room during free time.
Co-payment: approx. 3500 kr.