New Student Day, Oceans of Hope, trip to Bilbao, SUP board and canoe

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It has been a short week here at Ranum Efterskole. On Wednesday the students went home on Ascension Day holiday, while the Full Host students have gone to Gothenburg. However, the short week has been rich in content, and we have travelled far and wide in the local area. A lightning warning kept the canoe team on land, so the dexterity with tent setup was tested. In addition, we had a day of celebration on Sunday, when student team 20 visited the school for New Students' Day.

We hope you enjoy this week's newsletter. Enjoy reading it.

New Students' Day

On Sunday, 450 future pupils and their families visited the school for New Pupils' Day. It was a day of celebration like no other, full of good food, speeches, music, conversations with future contact teachers and the first contact group time. We had sunshine for most of the day, but the weather turned after the assembly on the lawn.

The kitchen had all kinds of delicious treats on this day, and we dare to promise that the future students got a wonderful taste of efterskole life. You can see a selection of the pictures from the big day below, and the rest on our Flickr. You can find it here:

For the 50 pupils who did not attend the New Pupils' Day, the assemblies from the New Pupils' Day can be viewed below:

A visit to Bilbao

Spanish 10+ travelled to Bilbao in Spain last week, where they visited our exchange school Somorrosto. Here the girls visited the same students who visited Ranum Efterskole College back in March. The programme for the week included café visits, homestay, visits to the Guggenheim Museum and Athletic de Bilbao, walks on old harbours and a city festival. Despite the fluctuating weather, the girls had a fantastic exchange experience.

SUP board on water

A great afternoon on SUP with cool students, in almost completely windless weather 🙌🏄‍♀️

Canoeing on land

Due to a thunderstorm forecast with wild winds, the canoe decided to practise tent making on Monday. They are now ready for the profile trip in June!

Oceans of Hope gave a boat trip

The boat Oceans of Hope, from the organisation of the same name, took a number of staff from Ranum Efterskole College on a trip around the Limfjord on Tuesday evening. This served as part of the knowledge sharing and idea generation of Ranum Højskole, where Oceans of Hope will contribute greatly to the sailing line. We had a magnificent trip with gale and high waves, where even the most experienced sailors were challenged.

Oceans of Hope is a Challenge 67, which is built to sail around the world with headwinds and stormy weather in the Southern Ocean. So it can withstand a little of everything, which we also got a little taste of.

You can find out more about Oceans of Hope on their Facebook page: and/or their website:

Good night letters

On Tuesday evening, pupils wrote goodnight letters to each other. These were handed out at the goodnight round by the teachers and brought great joy among the students. The sweetest gesture!

Almost 1000 weeks of summer school booked!

On Wednesday we announced that we have now sold 996 weeks of summer school! This also means that we will soon hit the magic 1000 enrolments! It also means that we will soon be able to start closing enrolment for the most popular weeks.

The great success that the summer school has really started to mark itself as, is due to the incredibly skilful and in-depth work that summer school coordinator Henriette and summer school leader Tine have put in. Many thanks to you!

Do you need to secure your place at the summer school? Read more about our different offers here:

A rocking start to the weekend

Ranum Efterskole's very own Carl sent the pupils off for the weekend when he and his band Slimjim played a concert for a packed ballroom on Wednesday. There was rocking, singing and clapping when the band took the stage.

The concert peaked when the students Jonas and Gustav visited the stage and played along. Many thanks for the music to both the students and Slimjim!

Thank you, dear reader, for once again reading the newsletter. We will see you again next week.

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