Ranum Derby, bonfire cosiness & Efterskolelife

Dear reader,

The competitive spirit can be felt everywhere among the students at Ranum Efterskole College. We've just organised our traditional Ranum Derby, where there was laughter, betting and racing. When the competitive spirit is packed away, we create space between exams and let the cosiness spread through good conversations and bodies in motion. We've had a quiet week that was savoured to the fullest, which you can read much more about in the newsletter here!

Mark your diary with a BIG tick! On 22 June 2024 at 14:00, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary with a huge party! Read more about the day at the end of the newsletter!

NOTE: Registration deadline is already 15 June 2024!

Have a great weekend. We wish you all a great weekend!

Ranum Derby

On Friday morning we held our traditional Ranum Derby. The students were able to bet on the horses with real Ranum Dollars, with the opportunity to spend the winnings on noodles for the rest of the year. It doesn't get much better than that! The students raced and played polo with the students against the teachers.

Air between exams

When there are no exams on the timetable, students enjoy their free time in many different ways. For example, a large group of students have enjoyed nature on the backs of the beautiful Icelandic horses.

Other students have been out on the water trying out their wakeboarding skills!

And our Adventure/outdoor students cook food and marshmallows over the fire!

The jewellery workshop

Students try out new techniques in our jewellery workshop: weaving bracelets on a loom. Many beautiful and creative creations were produced!

Headmaster's column

a portrait of the headmaster, Olav Storm

Dear reader,

The oral exams, preparations and activities create a new everyday life for students. Of course, they have to prepare for their presentations, but in between exams they can also choose from a wide range of activities that they themselves have helped to suggest and shape. The choice is for one week at a time, and allows for extra time to cultivate friendships and discover new ones during the last part of the 1TP5 year. The week also included a visit from our American friendship school The Harvey School, who worked with our USA science students on topics such as underwater drones, the aquatic environment, film production and Danish culture. The Harvey School was only able to visit us this week, and luckily we managed to make it work with the students' exams. It creates a very positive energy to work with such dedicated young people, and we are honoured that they will travel so far to visit Ranum, which they praise to the skies because they also get more freedom here than at home.
In the coming week there are still activities and rehearsals. In between, students and staff will be preparing for the 20th anniversary celebrations on Saturday 22 June. During the day, students will be helping with activities, tours, a welcome assembly and then they'll be off to their own final student party, where there will be a communal meal, disco and a concert with the theme Summer Vibes. We expect around 1,500 guests for the big anniversary gathering and around 250 for the festive dinner in the evening. We have invited current and former employees, as well as school district members, board members and former students. We are very much looking forward to the day and hope for good weather, but we also have a few butterflies in our stomachs, as this is the first time we are celebrating our 20th anniversary.

Have a great weekend,

Olav Storm Johannsen

It happens

15.06.24 Water Sports Weekend

19.06.24 Record Day

22.06.24 Anniversary

24.06.24 Outro week

29.06.24 Dimission

20th Anniversary

Mark your calendar for Saturday 22 June 2024 at 14:00 on 22 June! We're celebrating our 20th anniversary with a huge party!

NOTE: Registration deadline is already 15 June 2024!

Ranum Efterskole College turns 20 years old - on Saturday 22 June at 14.00 we invite you to the biggest anniversary in the school's history! Join us in celebrating 20 years of experiences, friendships and development as we open our doors for a day filled with togetherness and entertainment. There will be live music and entertainment from former students, a time travel through 20 years of efterskole with both new and old students, a 3-course menu, sing-alongs and the unveiling of a new gable mural featuring all the students and staff who have helped shape us into what we are today. It will be a day filled with joy, laughter and reunions! Sign up here!

We look forward to celebrating 20 years with you!

Best regards and have a great weekend from all of us at ,

Ranum Efterskole College