Outdoor weekend & activity days

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This year's activity days are underway, where students can choose a new and different activity to participate in each day. The students have had the opportunity to sail to Livø, ride Icelandic horses along the coast, add an artistic touch to Kærhuset and much more. Before that, the traditional outdoor weekend was held. Would you like to know even more about the week? Then continue reading here and don't miss the magical moments the students go through in their last weeks as a student at efterskolen.

Mark your diary with a BIG tick! On 22 June 2024 at 14:00, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary with a huge party! Read more about the day at the end of the newsletter!

Have a great weekend. We wish you all a great weekend!

Outdoor weekend

During the Outdoor Weekend we travelled to Viborg and camped in Uhrehøje with the world's coolest students! We've been on the water with kayaks and in the air with climbing ropes.

On the blue wave

At Ranum Efterskole College we have activity days until week 25. For each day, students can sign up for an activity that takes place either indoors or outdoors. One activity has been sailing, where as many as 36 students went on a boat trip to Livø.

Skallerup Riding Centre

Lovely activity day at Skallerup Riding Centre with a lot of Icelanders and a good group of girls. Great route that went through forest, field and beach.

Art at Kærhuset!

As another activity, you could choose to become part of those who leave their artistic mark on Kærhuset. Art project inspired by Banksy. A super nice process with our art teacher Randy Heath!

Pancakes and shortbread

When the weather is nice, we move the students' refreshments outside, where the food is cooked over a campfire by the students themselves. Among other things, we have made delicious pancakes and snow bread on the campfire.

Memory Books

We continue to work on our commemorative books. They are being decorated creatively in different ways. Some use paint, while others do cut and paste.

Efterskolelife in Ranum

Students' Point of View

Headmaster's column

a portrait of the headmaster, Olav Storm

Dear reader,

After the Gala, the focus is now on the oral exams. The corridors are quiet and the houses are calm. It is also necessary to show consideration for each other and especially important that there is time to sleep. Many students rely on good results in their further schooling. Alongside the exams, there are a wide range of exciting activities and it's also time to try out new Profile subject activities, such as horse riding and outdoor life, jewellery design, etc. In the evenings, the students gather to write their memoirs and we can tell that they know it's almost over, but it's hard to understand when you're young.

Have a great weekend,

Olav Storm Johannsen

It happens

14.06.24 Ranum Derby

15.06.24 Water Sports Weekend

19.06.24 Record Day

22.06.24 Anniversary

24.06.24 Outro week

29.06.24 Dimission

20th Anniversary

Mark your calendar for Saturday 22 June 2024 at 14:00 on 22 June! We're celebrating our 20th anniversary with a huge party!

Ranum Efterskole College turns 20 years old - on Saturday 22 June at 14.00 we invite you to the biggest anniversary in the school's history! Join us in celebrating 20 years of experiences, friendships and development as we open our doors for a day filled with togetherness and entertainment. There will be live music and entertainment from former students, a time travel through 20 years of efterskole with both new and old students, a 3-course menu, sing-alongs and the unveiling of a new gable mural featuring all the students and staff who have helped shape us into what we are today. It will be a day filled with joy, laughter and reunions! Sign up here!

We look forward to celebrating 20 years with you!

Best regards and have a great weekend from all of us at ,

Ranum Efterskole College