Gala, New Student Day & last day of school

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Joy, excitement and gratitude. This describes very well the time we are in right now. We can begin to glimpse the big graduation that is now already a month away from us. But until then, let's make the most of this time to show our gratitude to each other and for the bonds we've created for the rest of our lives. This week we celebrate the past year with the traditional gala party. In addition, we have welcomed our next students to New Student Day, which we look forward to welcoming on 11 August. And as the icing on the cake, we organised the last day of school on Friday with outdoor activities and dunking the teachers.

Mark your diary with a BIG tick! On 22 June 2024 at 14:00, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary with a huge party! Read more about the day at the end of the newsletter!

Have a great weekend. We wish you all a great weekend!


What a night! We have now organised one of the most memorable nights of the year. Namely the Gala! 500 young people turned up in fine suits, colourful dresses and radiating energy. The students were first photographed in front of the main building, where they then gathered for welcome drinks in the multi-purpose hall. Later, a delicious 3-course menu was served from the kitchen. There were speeches and music interspersed by the students, and finally they danced the much practised Lec Lanciers. At the end of the evening, the teachers had prepared a teacher revue, which ended the Gala with big laughs from all students. Thank you for a fantastic Gala!

More pictures from the Gala will be available on our facebook, Instagram and Flickr!

Last day of school

The day after the gala, it was time for 1TP5's last day of school. Although the weather wasn't with us all the way, it didn't stop us from enjoying each other's company over a lot of outdoor activities and dunking the teachers. Olav was the first to inaugurate the water basin as students took turns dunking him. Next, the students had the opportunity to dunk many of efterskolen's other teachers into the water. The kitchen provided a large buffet of food, including cheeseburgers, wraps, noodles and dumplings.

New Students' Day

Thank you for a fantastic New Student Day! 500 excited young people came to Ranum Efterskole College on Sunday with their parents and siblings. The students met their new contact group and family group for the first time. They tried on school clothes, explored our exciting Profile course and put faces to each other's future best friends while feeling the butterflies in their stomachs. We can't wait to welcome Year 21 to a 1TP5Year filled with new goals, challenges and lifelong friendships. See you there!

If you have any unanswered questions after the day, you are always welcome to contact us at

For those of you who didn't get to see or want to re-watch the New Learners Day assembly, it can be viewed below:

Find many more pictures from New Student Day on our Facebook page here!

Trip to Blokhus

We had a wonderful trip out of the house to Blokhus. The sun was shining and the heat was palpable. 11 brave and daring students went into the water - it was refreshing. We were lucky enough that the kitchen made a delicious picnic to go for us to enjoy in the dunes. Thank you for a great day. And thanks to the kitchen.

Memory Books

The last month of Ranum Efterskole life is about to start and sharing memories is a big past time. Many evenings ahead will be spent writing in each other's memory books - but first they need to be decorated, which started on Wednesday evening!

Headmaster's column

a portrait of the headmaster, Olav Storm

Dear reader,

We got through New Pupils' Day on Sunday - until it started raining for the first time on New Pupils' Day in 20 years. But we quickly divided the assembly into two contact group teams, so we were able to organise the assembly in the hall and in the ballroom. There were over 2500 visitors, so on average each prospective student brought 3-5 parents and siblings. Despite the pressure on all the rooms, there was a great atmosphere and the good catering also lifted the mood. It's always exciting to meet the new students for the first time as a student team, and luckily we have a really good gut feeling about student team 21.

This week has been 2nd grade day, where we have played with all the children in 2nd grade in Vesthimmerland Municipality's schools and taken them on a "round-the-world journey" of activities and cultural impressions. It's amazing to experience how the big efterskole students lift the small students into a diverse community and give them a taste of efterskole life.

The Gala was once again a demonstration of young people's love of life, beauty and community. The young people were beaming and the many beautiful pictures testify to a joy and energy that only a Gala for 500 young people can create. 

The gala night also featured Les Lancier, the best in years, and then everyone gathered in the ballroom for the legendary teacher revue. It took it to the limit, as a revue should, and through humour reflected the students in memorable, but perhaps less fortunate situations. Now it's time for a well-deserved weekend and we're looking forward to the next 4 weeks with our amazing students!

Have a great weekend,

Olav Storm Johannsen

It happens

01.06.24 Outdoor weekend

04.06.24 Oral exams

14.06.24 Ranum Derby

15.06.24 Water Sports Weekend

20th Anniversary

Mark your calendar for Saturday 22 June 2024 at 14:00 on 22 June! We're celebrating our 20th anniversary with a huge party!

Ranum Efterskole College turns 20 years old - on Saturday 22 June at 14.00 we invite you to the biggest anniversary in the school's history! Join us in celebrating 20 years of experiences, friendships and development as we open our doors for a day filled with togetherness and entertainment. There will be live music and entertainment from former students, a time travel through 20 years of efterskole with both new and old students, a 3-course menu, sing-alongs and the unveiling of a new gable mural featuring all the students and staff who have helped shape us into what we are today. It will be a day filled with joy, laughter and reunions! Sign up here!

We look forward to celebrating 20 years with you!

Best regards and have a great weekend from all of us at ,

Ranum Efterskole College