Newsletter with spring

Spring, Skagen & Goat babies

Dear reader,

Spring is slowly rolling in over us, and with it it brings joy and hopes for the time we face. You can only be happy about that, and hopefully you will also be happy to read this week's news here from Ranum.

To put it mildly, there is momentum, and it can be felt that we are really trying to catch up with all the long-awaited efterskole life. The week started with a beautiful trip to Skagen. we have held PVDA Awards shows, been a lot outside in the sunshine, got new bandages and goat dicks in Greenfingers and been to exciting online lectures. We dive into the stories and pictures here, so welcome and enjoy reading.

At the top of Denmark

Monday was teaching-free, and for the students who stayed the weekend, it meant a wonderful day with an excursion to scenic Skagen. It was of course great to get some air under the wings, and with the weather we had with us, the circle is complete.

Spring is coming

“You came with all that was you, and blew each a blocked road, and what a spring it was! The year when everything became strong and clear and wild and full of thawing speed and everything shouted: live it! ”

The (roughly translated) stanza from "You came with everything that was you" fits so well with the atmosphere we experience when the students move out into the sunshine. See here how happy they are in Ranumhus.

New residents in Green Fingers

Carsten suddenly got busy on Thursday when he had to hurry up to the gardens at Green Fingers. It is not only warmer weather that spring has brought with it, because as you can see below, the goats have got a kid.

PVDA Award Show

We may just need to refresh what the PVDA Competition is. It stands in all its simplicity for Pictures, Videos, Documentaries, Articles, and it is a small event we do every time the students have been on a profile or cultural subject journey. This time was different, as most people know, and the theme was My Corona.

The students sent a whole lot of good bids to us, and on Thursday the winners were announced in a small online awards show, nicely carried by the hosts Markus, Milo and Katrine.

During the next week, we will share all the participants' submissions again, so keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Best picture - Theodor

Best photo series: Mia

Best video: Oskar

Best Documentary: Markus

Best article: Marie Johanne

Best English article: Sara

"Best of the best": Jonas

Many thanks to all participants for showing the world what efterskole life can look like, and to the judges for expert assessments.

New face masks

We have distributed two x REC face masks to all students and staff. They are reusable and a washing system has been made to ensure that they are used correctly.

Then we have reached through some of the stories and activities that the week has to offer. Of course, this is just a selection, and a lot more is happening, especially on our Instagram page, so a clear recommendation from here is to follow along there.

On the weekends, there is, among other things, an outdoor trip, where the students get out into nature and enjoy the spring.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College