In Yoga as an Elective, we focus on different aspects of the world of yoga. There will be a brief introduction to the history of yoga with origins in India, breathing techniques, introduction to different styles (hatha, vinyasa, restorative and possibly asthanga). At the same time there will be a focus on meditation, stretching, flow and static strength training. There will also be the opportunity to try inversions - reverse poses, but students will mainly learn to immerse themselves and learn to be aware of their body's signals.

The aim is for students to achieve physical well-being through greater flexibility, muscle relaxation, increased strength and mental well-being based on guided meditations, so that they can function in a busy, and sometimes stressful, everyday life with many impressions.

Based on the above, Yoga will aim to meet the UN Global Goals of Health and Well-being, as it is the school's vision to incorporate these into all school activities, both academic and creative.

Teaching materials

  • Yogamat
  • Yoga rolls (oblong pillows)
  • Belts
  • Blocks
  • Blanckets


Louise Højen