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Costa Rica - Forest conservation and reforestation

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. It contains about 5 % of all biodiversity on the planet. It was also one of the most forested countries in the world, with about 60 % of its land mass covered by forest. It is therefore the perfect place to teach future generations of nature lovers how to conserve and care for our planet.

Joining the Costa Rica trip means making a commitment to our planet, and that starts before you even get on the plane. The teaching focuses on how to live, travel and exist sustainably. Our first commitment will be to offset our environmental footprint during our trip, i.e. flights, fuel consumption, etc. This will be done in various ways while we are in Ranum and Costa Rica, by planting trees, collecting trash and other environmentally friendly activities.

While in Costa Rica we will also focus on responsible travel as we are not only traveling as tourists but also to help promote social and environmental programs in the country. We do this through volunteer activities with our partners in Costa Rica. A typical day of travel will include a volunteer activity in the morning followed by a fun/learning experience in the afternoon. For example: conservation trails in a cloud forest followed by ziplining.

We all know that we can't continue with the ways of the past, and that goes for travel too, if we want to continue to see the world as it exists today, we have to commit to preserving it.


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Richard Brown


Terms and economy

Self-payment Approx: 14.000 kr.

Pocket money: App. 1.000 kr. recommended