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Nepal - Cultural trek


On the Nepal Culture Trek we spice up a unique nature experience with an authentic taste of Nepalese culture. We trek in the Chepang hills which are located about 80 km from Kathmandu and right next to Chitvan National Park. Just below Chepang hills is the roaring Trisuli river where we do white water rafting. The trek itself has a duration of 3-4 days and we move through primitive villages, deep valleys and high mountains. We stay locally and in tents along the way. It is quite a challenging nature and


cultural expedition and you must be ready to experience and take responsibility in both elements.

In the profile subject Nepal Culture Trek, students will gain an understanding of what it is like to live and travel in a developing country like Nepal. This includes preparation, experiences and aftercare. Students will be equipped for a cultural encounter of dimensions, trained physically, as well as trained in communicating this encounter. This will be done by immersing themselves in various topics of Nepalese culture, traditions and history, and not least by experiencing the conditions first hand.


In preparation for the trip, students will learn about the conditions in Nepal, including culture, religion, history and geography. Students will prepare a presentation on a specific topic to be presented to the other students in the team as part of the presentation training.


The topics are divided into two main groups, culture and nature. The culture section is mainly focused on Kathmandu and the area around it. The nature section is focused on Chitwan National Park. We may also include a 3rd destination, Pokara.

Students' choice of project influences where their trekking trip ends up.

As part of the preparation for the cultural trek, the students will also work on their own physical fitness and train both individually and in groups, both to get the necessary physical shape for the trek but also to learn about the group dynamics that are essential to have a good trek together.


Equipment and techniques will be worked on to enable people to travel on foot in rural Nepal, and to build skills that can be used for a lifetime of travel around the world.

After the trip, students will prepare and give a talk about their trip, experiences and reflections.



WHERE TO GO: Travelling to Nepal can be strenuous and trekking in Nepal is hard work that requires great independence as well as physical preparation from home. Vaccinations It is your responsibility that your son/daughter is vaccinated for the trips. Passport must be valid for 1/2 year after return. I.e. until min. end of June 2017. VACCINATIONS: HEPATITIS A, TYPHOID, DIPHTHERIA

PAYMENT: 8.700 kr.