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China Kungfu School


Kungfu school in China and a visit into the capital Beijing-one of the world's oldest civilizations.

We set off for a Wudang Traditional Kungfu academy in WudangShan, Hubei Province in China.


Here we have the opportunity to spend a week with the Chinese children, youth and adults who have dedicated their lives right now to Kungfu. Some of them will become masters and live as kungfu masters for the rest of their lives - others will grow up in the world of kungfu, qi energy and Taoism and then take it out into the world, wherever they choose to go next.

It is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into ancient Chinese tradition and wisdom.


We will stay at the school for 7 days. Here we will train basic kungfu, practice qi-gong and learn a taiji form Wudang style. Wudang mountains are very well known in martial arts - especially taiji and qigong as well as the philosophy of Taoism. Qi means life energy and is a great treasure in traditional Chinese medicine, which we will also get closer to and hear about.


While at the school we will receive Chinese lessons and do other activities with the young students at the school, talk to Sifu Yuan Xiu Gang, who is a kungfu master and disciple of the sacred temple in the Wudang Mountains which we will also get to the top of and experience the history and grandeur.


The Chinese have a lot of history and greatness. So after getting sore legs and experiencing Kislian culture in a small mountain village, Wudangshan, we will take the train to Beijing and experience the history, the grandeur, the old and the brand new China. We will experience a crowd we have never seen before in Beijing's subway system, eat dumplings, see the Forbidden City and do taiji and/or kungfu in the park with the other Chinese. Kungfu, as we have also learned where it comes from - China.


We finish the tour at the Great Wall of China, where we get the chance to do our joint kung fu series with an extra ordinary view standing on stairs made of stone by China's first emperor - The Great Wall.


In preparation for the trip and in the cultural course itself, you will be taught the Chinese language, Chinese culture and history, the philosophy of Daoism - yin/yang, as well as kungfu, qigong and taiji. There will be weekly physical training to prepare us to be ready both physically and mentally to learn all we can while we are there.


You should be prepared to have a full day programme for most of this trip. However, the time at the school also includes space for relaxation, socializing, walking in the mountain village and meditation.



WELCOME: Passport must be valid for 1/2 year after return. I.e. until min. end of June 2017. All students must have the following vaccinations: Hepatitis A and Tetanus it is the parents' responsibility that the student has the vaccine

CO-PAYMENT 8.800,- KR.