Nepal - High Trek Himalaya

Cultural studies, Travel

Nepal Adventure Trek - Himalaya


The goal of this culture subject is to gain insight into the unique cultures and the unique nature that exists in the Himalayas. The culture is a fascinating mixture of Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian culture and both Buddhism, Hinduism and nature religions is a part of peoples' everyday life. The nature ranks from the tropical and all the way up to high alpine.

At the same time we must complete a physically exhausting trek in high mountains. You will definitely find your physical and mental limits and experience how the body reacts to walking for many kilometers in thin air.

Our reward is meeting unbelievably forthcoming people with a unique culture, and seeing the most beautiful mountains up close.


The trip

On this trip to Nepal, we will be trekking in a height of about 4.000 meter and possibly even higher, if the weather and our bodies allow it. The end goal depends on our local cooperation partners and the wishes and visions of the students, but we will be focusing on the Langtang and the Annapurna regions. We will be staying in local teahouses or with local families and will be living like they do in Nepal. Of course we will have time to see the temples and the unique cultural sights in Kathmandu. The trek will be done with the help of local guides who will help us understand the culture and the language.


The lessons

In the lessons at home we will be focusing on understanding the Nepalese culture and nature. We are going to be working with the historic, religious and cultural aspects from many different angles.
At the same time we are going to be working on preparing the trek, e.g. securing the right equipment and physical training.


Demands for you

Trekking in the high mountains of Nepal is not just hard. It is most likely the physically hardest thing you have ever tried. Trekking for many hours in rough terrain and thin air, takes a toll on especially legs and lungs. Therefore it takes a strong will and a reasonably good physical condition. You must be ready to work out quite a lot leading up to our trek, and you must be in good health.

Good, solid hiking boots, that have been broken in, and a solid rucksack, as well as warm and hard-wearing clothing for high alpine trekking are absolutely needed. We can be of assistance in case you would like guidance on purchase of equipment - a lot of it can be bought cheap in Nepal, but it must be expected that you will need some money for equipment, if you do not have your own or can't borrow it.


Nepal Adventure Trek in the Himalayas can be very strenuous and the cultural subject is hard work which requires great independence and perseverance.



We employ highly trained local guides during the trek and the responsible teachers have experience with outdoor activities and first aid. we will be cleaning our own water during the trip. The teachers in charge have previous experience with altitude sickness and the trek will be organised in such a way that we always have time and opportunity to properly become acclimatised to the heights. Nepal is a safe country to travel in and our local guides are always fully informed about the situation in the country.



Hepatitis A, typhoid fever, diphtheria.

If you originate from a country, where yellow fever is a risk, documentation for yellow fever vaccination is needed.



Peter F. Andersen


Terms and economy

Self-payment on the trip will be about 12.000 kr.

Pocket money: App. 1.000 DKK recommended

In addition, it will be a requirement to own/rent/borrow hiking equipment suitable for hard trekking.