Biotrek alone in the wilderness

Bio-Trek (Never quite) Alone in the wilderness

This year's edition of Bio-Trek should probably be called (Never Quite) Alone in the Wilderness. Students must learn a series of wilderness skills that will provide the foundation for them to survive as a group for five days in the wilderness. These skills include, but are not limited to:


  • shelter construction
  • primitive hunting
  • botany enough to find edible plants
  • drinking water: what, where, why
  • how to make a fire
  • and generally how to survive in extremely primitive conditions.


The goal is to push each student's limits of independence while refocusing students on cooperation and teamwork - hence the subtitle (Never Quite) Alone in the Wilderness.

The trip itself will be focused on five days of survival - one day of hiking out, three days of survival and one day of hiking back home, ending with all the benefits of society like a bed and good food, after which we return to school. The destination is still open, but for now our eyes are on the Mediterranean as we don't have to worry too much about the day and night temperatures in those latitudes.





Terms: All students are ensured up to 500.000,- DKK. in relation to dangerous sports, by damages that are not covered
of the school's business insurance. See also the school's safety instructions for kayak/water activity. It is expected that good equipment will be needed: backpack, boots, shell jacket, sleeping bag, etc. You are very welcome to bring your own mountain bike.

Self-payment: between 2500-3500,-, depending on where in the Mediterranean we are going and what we can get the tickets for.






Heine Christian Kiesbüy