Written tests, concert, new title for the director

Dear reader,

This week's newsletter is all about written tests, 11 claims of love and high-strung students playing music or tandem jumping out of airplanes this weekend.
We can also soon inaugurate the brand new MTB track, which extends the existing one with more than 300 metres of great bumps and turns.

Written tests

The written tests in 9. and 10. Classes were held in the Great Hall and the Culture Hall under the expert guidance of Matt, Mie and Peter Kristensen. The exams went according to plan, despite minor IT challenges, but the students showed enthusiasm and were well prepared.
On many efterskoler, all students must bring their own personal printer. We think this is a huge waste of resources, and teachers will have to run many miles with scribbled copies for all students and there will be queues at the final handover. But it's both better for the environment and provides exercise.

International exams

We started IGCSE exams last week with subjects including International Maths, Foreign Language German and AS Marine Science. Also this year, we have some so-called private candidates who have made the trip from Copenhagen to take high-level (A-level) exams for university entrance. The international exams will continue until 10 June. This week the exams have included Chemistry, History and French.

Concert Thursday - 11 assertions about love

See photo album from the concert.

In the performance "11 claims of love" we witnessed 11 scenes - 11 angles - 11 situations where very different people grappled with love. Cupid and Freya discussing their existence, Anna and Jørgen discussing the washing up. Fear of death, of life, of losing. All these things are turned upside down in the performance11 claims about love.

Students' review of the concert:

The show was absolutely phenomenal and in fact I ended up seeing it twice. The musicians/actors and the rest of the crew were in control of their performance and they managed to bring out all kinds of emotions in the audience. Both myself and others from the audience came through the entire emotional register in terms of both tears and laughter. Self-penned music tracks were also a big part of the performance - they fitted in super well and were really worth a listen. In every way a worthy performance to see.Stella Weihe.

"The concert was definitely one of the coolest things planned at the school, it was a huge experience and they had a mega good energy! My friends and I saw it twice, both to support their good work but also because we fully enjoyed it!" Frida Dahl.

The director got a new title

At the Friday gathering, Olav revealed that he had become a grandfather and talked about the unique feeling of seeing his daughter become a mother, and especially holding his one-day-old granddaughter. A cheer went up throughout the room, mostly from the girls, and many sent a thought to their own parents and grandparents. That's GREAT!

Weekend with music and skydiving

This weekend there is a music weekend with interaction, singing and fun. A large group of students and staff have decided to try something wild. Tandem jumping with 30 seconds of free fall, but it still takes all day to get ready and come home. We have held skydiving weekends before, watch the video here:

Next week

Next week we will have a visit from Klejtrup musikefterskole on Wednesday, who will give a concert and stay overnight at the school. Friday is Great Prayer Day and many students will take the opportunity to come home to familien.

Notice of General Meeting of the Ranum After School Circle on 22 May at 18.30

The Annual General Meeting is a real treat for the members of the school community. We serve good food and report on life at efterskolen, as well as looking back on the past school year in both narrative and accounts. Ranum Efterskole College got through the Corona period reasonably well and even has a nice surplus to invest in the future. If you are interested in becoming a member of the school circle, please send an email to info@ranumefterskole.dk. It costs only 50 kr. Yearly. Link to the call.

Have a great weekend.

Ranum Efterskole College