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Exchange program at Pacific Collegiate School in Santa Cruz, CA - for anyone interested in the English language and American culture.



Activity + culture destination

In collaboration with PCS, a unique and exciting high school experience is planned in beautiful, historic Santa Cruz on the Monterey Bay in California south of San Francisco. The goal is for you to learn about American culture and language while meeting young high school students from all walks of life and learning about high school life in the United States.

You'll stay with a local family, where you'll follow the family's teenager through high school. You should expect to give a short talk about yourself and Denmark on one of your first days at school, which will be planned in detail before your trip.

The programme also includes an overnight stay in San Francisco, where we drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, visit Alcatraz and take a walk in Haight Ashbury, Castro or ChinaTown.



The purpose

Academics: there will be a strong emphasis on academics on the trip and you will be expected to be able to understand and speak English at a reasonable level to follow the high school curriculum, as well as be interested in getting involved in the programme and connecting with other young Americans and their families. During cultural studies classes, you will relate to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and we will prepare you to discuss the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals in English when we travel to PCS. In fact, one of the goals of our cultural studies trip is to equip students to take responsibility. A big part of this 'dressing up' is educating students about the UN SDGs, and in relation to the United States, California in particular is way ahead of the rest of the United States on all 17 SDGs. During the lesson we will make a comparison between Denmark, California, the US as a whole, and a developing country, to create an awareness of the importance of the SDGs in the students.

If you are taking Spanish at RE, there may be an opportunity to stay with a bilingual (Spanish) family.



Requirements for the students

You should expect to have a full day program where you accompany your host student to extracurricular activities in the afternoon and/or evening, which can be American football, track, baseball/softball, cheerleading, band, etc.

There is a dress code at the schools, which you must of course follow. Ordinary, nice clothes meet the dress code, as long as you can't see, for example, bras or underwear.

You will be responsible for keeping a video diary or otherwise communicating your high school experiences to the other students upon their return.

In June, the American students will come to Ranum Efterskole College, where you will act as a host student during the stay and you will also plan a weekend at home with your American exchange student!

We recommend that you choose USA-Santa Cruz if you have a plan to come to the USA for an exchange or study stay later. See more pictures and meet former RE exchange students and PCS host students at https://www.facebook.com/groups/REPVHS/?fref=ts



No security risks



Tetanus, MFR, etc. Same as the Danish children's programme. It is a requirement of the American school that our exchange students are vaccinated and can provide documentation (make sure all vaccinations are recorded on www.Sundhed.dk)



Charlotte Linder


Terms and economy

Self-payment on the trip will be about 6.500 kr.

+ possibly a collective cancellation insurance - 350 DKK. Visa included, if you have a danish passport.

Pocket money: Approx. 500-1.000 DKK. recommended