South Korea

Cultural studies, Travel

Cultural Meeting

The culture subject trip to South Korea focuses on the country's special political history, unique culture and an invitation to visit a friendship school close to Seoul. We are in the process of establishing new collaborations with the Danish inspired Ggumtle Efterskole as well as other alternative schools, also inspired by the Danish free school tradition.


The lessons

To prepare for the trip, we will explore South Korea's recent history, politics, geography, customs and modern tendencies such as the integration of Western culture. We will also briefly investigate the nation's long historic relations with China and Japan as well as the importance of the Joseon Dynasty and the Korean empire. Of course, we will strive to understand the separation of the Korean peninsula into North and South Korea, including current relations and the maintenance of the demilitarised zone.

Culturewise, we will have the opportunity to learn more about one of the most technologically advanced countries in Asia, a leading E-sports country in games such as Starcraft and League of Legends (LoL). South Korea's K-POP stage has become world famous with bands and artists such as BTS, PSY, EXO, BlackPink, Girls Generation, and so on. There will be a thorough preparation to the cultural meeting and how to enhance intercultural competencies in the students. If there is a great interest to learn hangul, then we will try to include some lessons where they can learn some Korean.

The trip

During the trip to South Korea, our students will experience a cultural meeting with South Korean teenagers as we will live at a school and be together with young people around the same age. Here you will get a buddy and participate in daily activities such as lessons. During the school stay, our students will try Korean cuisine, perhaps karaoke, exotic snacks and free time activities as well as Korean traditions from the Korean buddies.

After the days at the school, we will travel to Seoul, the capitol. Here, we will visit the city's historic and modern landmarks, including some of the famous districts and shopping streets. We will visit the Buddhist temple Geumsunsa and stay for a night to be introduced to the Buddhist faith and traditions. Our perception of ourselves will be challenged here and as well as our physique as we make the traditional 108 prostrations with the monks. It is possible to partake early in the morning at 4.00 as well and take a beautiful walk up the mountain nearby.

Previous years, our groups have been lucky to get tickets to an E-sports competition in Seoul's Giga Arena, which is a huge experience even if you are not a gamer because the ambience is so great. As we are planning the trip for the Spring, we hope to repeat the success if we can get tickets.

It is also possible for the students to suggest tours and other activities for the travel programme. It could be a few days in Busan, a day trip to the Winther Olympics city Pyongchang or a course focused on Tae Kwon Do.


Hepatitis A, Diphtheria, Tetanus



Louise Højen


Terms and economy

Self-payment app. 10.000 DKK.

Pocket money: Approx. 500-1.000 DKK. recommended