Sri Lanka


The spirit of the holy island


Sri Lanka is a country with countless opportunities to immerse yourself in culture and nature. The country's harsh history is the foundation of the country, which is still developing today. The imperialists' drain on Sri Lanka's resources can still be felt, both in the capital Colombo, but also out in the countryside. The civil war, which included the displacement of many Tamils, has also left its mark on the country, and is certainly an important part of Sri Lanka's identity that should be explored.


Offers exciting experiences

Sri Lanka is a country where you have ample opportunity to experience a country that is very different from Denmark. Sri Lanka offers green themed landscapes, colourful temples with fascinating stories, coastal cultures with fishing as the focus, mountains with fantastic hiking trails through enchanting nature, big city experiences and fascinating wildlife.


Sri Lanka also has a flirtatious surf culture, which we try out in Arugam Bay. We will also visit local schools in Arugam, and do activities with other young people. The local schools will be in stark contrast to the large international school that we visit in Colombo.


Put on your walking shoes and discover a different side of Sri Lanka

A good way to connect Sri Lanka's religious foundations with an incomparable natural spectacle is to put on your walking shoes and backpack and head up one of the mountains around the city of Kandy, where you have the opportunity to visit temples along the way. Many of these temples are impressive structures where one can only admire the diligence and hard work that went into hauling building materials far up a mountain.


Shoes off, camera ready and sharp out of the train window

The train ride from Kandy to Ella is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The train tracks are almost at one with nature in some places, cutting through mountainous scenery with lush vegetation.


Along the way you pass small villages, rice fields and tea plantations where the locals go to earn their wages. On the train you will meet many of the locals travelling between markets trying to sell their wares. A trip not to be missed.


Versatile teaching

The cultural studies lessons will be used to prepare material for the visits to the schools. In addition, we will work on themes related to the UN SDGs - including poverty and education, but we prefer to choose the final topics together with the students. Students will also do a project on an area of interest of their choice, which they will research during the trip and write a report on when we return to Denmark.


Furthermore, we will do some physical training so that we can manage to trek for a few days. Obviously, we'll also be working on Sri Lankan history, so we'll have a good solid grounding before we arrive.



Gerti Jensen

Mathias K. Rathmann


Terms and economy

Self-payment app. 8.000 DKK.

+ possibly a collective cancellation insurance - 350 DKK. Visa included, if you have a danish passport.

Pocket money: Approx. 500-1.000 DKK. recommended


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