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Surfing is the activity for the student who wants to test his or her own limits in water.

The purpose of surfing is for you to be introduced to and gain experience in surfing. It is emphasized that surfing must take place safely, both for the individual, but especially when we are a larger group on the water.

In the lessons, the beginner learns the basics and the advanced learner gains deeper knowledge. To get there, you'll be expected to attend theoretical lessons on land / at home at the school, but of course you'll also be in the water.

To be successful in surfing, you need to have the courage for physical training and to acquire some basic theoretical knowledge about water/waves, safety, board positioning, paddling, take off, pop up and the movements when we surf.

Surfing takes place an hour by bus from the school, in the stunning Klitmøller, Hanstholm or Vorupør.

Surfing is weather dependent and we surf as much as possible, but when the weather is not favourable for surfing we practice surfing technique on surf skates, either on school grounds or driving to a skate park. In addition, we will also spend time doing yoga as it provides the flexibility we need as surfers.

In August when we start, the water is naturally summer warm, but during the period the water temperature drops. Of course we wear wetsuits, but you need to be prepared for it to get a little cold towards the end of the profile course period. So it's important to have the energy and motivation to keep moving to stay warm.

The school provides equipment, but if you have your own, you are of course welcome to use it.


Anja Lykke Fast

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Terms: It is important that you have a desire for water, can swim (before we start Surfing, you must pass a swim test here at the school) and have the courage to push your own limits.

Self-payment: approx. 6000 kr.