At Coral Restoration you learn how to work with a coral reef ecosystem. You learn about corals and how to grow corals in the optimal conditions. You learn about the fish that need to be present to have a healthy coral reef. The teaching alternates between working in classrooms and in the school's coral laboratory, which includes a 3,500 litre aquarium for coral cultivation.


During the trip you learn to dive, which opens up a lot of exciting underwater experiences and allows us to get out and study the coral reefs in the sea. After getting certified, we will work on collecting data and taking measurements on the dives, among other things, so we can learn more about the coral reefs. Besides that, we will have a lot of cool diving experiences in one of the best diving sites in the world, Egypt. Here we stay on big boats together, and are out in the sea all week. This gives plenty of time for fellowship and time in the water with scuba gear.

Security in connection with watersport activities

At Ranum Efterskole College it is a priority that all watersport activities take place with as much consideration to the safety of the students as possible. All students and employees who take part in diving activities are familiar with and follow the security guidelines for diving activities.

Go to sea safety instructions (Danish)


Terms: CONDITIONS: Vaccinations - it is the parents' responsibility that their son/daughter has the necessary vaccinations for the trips. We will provide information on which vaccinations are necessary for the trip in question. Passport must be valid at least 1/2 a year after return.
We pay great attention to safety on the diving course, and you can read more about this at Security instructions.

Self-payment 3rd period: App. 8.700,- DKK.