Sailing - Greece

Cultural profile 2022

Want to explore the world by water? then the journey starts here with a trip to Greece where we will sail some 50 foot sailboats around the Greek Sea.

The trip

You will be staying in a top cabin and be part of a crew of 8. We have experienced skippers at the school who will introduce you to touring and show you a whole new world of possibilities.

There is a huge amount of history in Greece; the birthplace of Democracy, Olymiade started in Greece also there is the Greek mythology. All this and much more we look at in the time leading up to the trip. We look at what the different islands offer in terms of cultural and natural assets. We taste the Greek cuisine and the sun-ripened fruits.


The Lessons

In the run-up to your trip, you'll learn about the country we're visiting, the people who live there and their culture.

You also learn about the boat, how it sails, navigation, safety and cooperation on board, as well as planning the sailing trip.

After Easter we start sailing at Rønbjerg harbour on our fleet of sailing boats where you quickly learn to steer and become skipper, all under the supervision of the school's sailing instructor. An important element in sailing is the cooperation and communication in the crew and therefore we work on forming crews that complement and strengthen each other.


Corona: Restrictions, rules etc.

Corona restrictions January 2022: Greece is "Green".

All entrants, regardless of vaccination or immunity status, must bring either a negative PCR test, performed within 72 hours prior, or a negative Rapid test (antigen test), performed within 24 hours prior to entry into Greece. 

NB. It is NOT possible for previously infected persons to be exempted from the testing requirement by, for example, presenting a medical certificate. You can therefore NOT enter Greece if you still test positive.

We'll keep an eye on restrictions and respond to changes as they come.



Mick Johns


Terms and economy

Self-payment: 5.700 DKK.

Pocket money: recommended 1.000 DKK.

Vaccinations: See Corona section. Tetanus, diphtheria.