Music - New Orleans

Cultural profile 2022

Discovering New Orleans: a world of music

We take jazz under our arm and experience the world of music in New Orleans. So choose the Culture Profile subject Music, New Orleans here if you're ready for a blast of a musical experience, in one of America's coolest cities!


The Lessons

In the class there will be an introduction to standard jazz and what this style comes from. This will provide an insight into both the cultural history of the United States and music history in general. Films and clips will be shown giving examples of the development and characteristics of jazz.
Musically, the headlines of the lessons will include:

  • Improvisation
  • Chord progression

Rhythm and blues, Rock'n Roll, Country


The trip

In New Orleans, we delve into the culture of jazz, so both culinary experiences and sightseeing are a big part of the trip. In New Orleans, jazz is played all over the city, indoors and out. In squares, streets, restaurants, sidewalk cafes. Music can be heard everywhere, especially in summer.

The City

We will go on a walking tour in several parts of the city, especially the oldest part of the city called the French Quarter or just "The Quarter". This part of town is where Bienville founded the first settlement. The French speakers in the city call the area Vieux Carré, the old square. Here you will find Bourbon Street (Rue Bourbon), famous/notorious for its restaurants, taverns, voodoo shops and much more. St. Louis Cathedral, the Pont Alba buildings, the Presbytery and the Calbildo are just some of the historic buildings for which the French Quarter is known.

Culinary experiences

New Orleans known for its food culture and its many famous restaurants such as Antoine's, e.g. Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie and File Gumbo, as it says in Hank Williams' old song, or how about a round of alligator sausage? Also the two sandwiches invented in New Orleans, the Po' Boy, best had at Mother's and the Muffuletta, invented at Central Grocery in 1906 and still available there - as well as many other places in the city.

Shopping is also good, in the many shops around the city, for example on Canal Street (the border between the French Quarter and the Central Business District), where there are a number of photo shops, but also the small, interesting shops in the French Quarter, and two shopping centres, the Jackson Brewery, located in the French Quarter, and the Riverwalk along the river in the Central Business District. The "French Market", originally a fish and meat market, now consists almost entirely of souvenir shops of various kinds.


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Jonas Østergaard Pedersen


Terms and economy

Self-payment: 6.600 DKK
Pocket money: recommended 1.000 DKK.