Road Trip - Europe

Culture Subjects

Could you do with a proper tour of Europe, and get a huge one on the experience? Then the European Road Trip is for you!

During this culture trip we will be visiting cities in Europe, primarily the eastern part. We are going to visit cities with a particular historic significance for Europe and the development of Europe, as well as cities where the meeting with the eastern european culture will be in focus.

This is a culture trip that provides us with the possibility to shape the trip together. The activities and final destinations will therefore be part of the curriculum of this subject.


The Lessons

Teaching will focus on the creation of Europe and cultural exchange with other European citizens. It is our hope to create exchanges with other schools in Europe. Some of these are already underway. We intend to use these contacts to organise host family stays and school visits while we are around Europe.


The trip

The trip is of no extra cost to the students and one of our main goals is to show that travelling and creating connections doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It is also in our school values that we want to make traveling available to everyone regardless of financial situation.


Corona: Restrictions, rules etc.

We are researching restrictions and rules for the countries we will be visiting.


Ib Christensen


Terms and economy

Co-payment: 1 kr.

Pocket money: recommended 1.000 DKK.